21 Jun 2024
Inside view into Stockholm’s football culture
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Inside view into Stockholm’s football culture

Screaming fans, lively teams and thick British accents: the English football league is alive and well in Stockholm. Simon Brazier, a massive football fan, long-term player and Brit living in Sweden has provided us with the ins-and-outs of Stockholm’s expat football culture.

If you are interested in playing for one of Stockholm’s three international teams, check back next week for ‘an expat’s guide to Stockholm’s football clubs’.

Simon you’ve been a life long football fan. Football wise, what is great about living in Stockholm?

We live in a great city that has so much to offer fans and players. There are three international football clubs (FC), loads of great sports bars, and if you’re a football nut from the UK, Stockholm shows more British televised football matches, than you could watch in England. tvmatchen.se lists time and info on all matches shown on Swedish TV.

Do you think playing in the FC’s is a good way to meet people in Stockholm?

Absolutely. All the teams I have been on have been great. When I first arrived in Stockholm I played for a Swedish team: a really good bunch of lads and it was cool to have a pint after games. I would recommend this to people who are really looking to work on their Swedish and enjoy the local culture.

For me personally, I prefer playing for a English speaking team. I found Swedish teams more reserved, and to be honest I missed the English banter and rougher playing style. Now I play for the Albion (FC) a English speaking team sponsored by O’Connells English pub in Gamla Stan (http://www.oconnells.se). It’s a good laugh. The team has a good attitude and we have a fantastic community of expats: the majority are British but we have players from all over.

We get along great. We practice on the field and a group of us either hit the gym or go swimming a few extra times a week. We meet for pints. We watch British matches on the weekend. We banter. We muck about. They are a fantastic group of guys, and it is a great way to build a community in Sweden.

Simon what do you recommend to other football loving expats?

Go out, have a drink at one of Stockholm’s English or Irish pubs, watch some matches and if you are interested in playing for one of Stockholm’s international teams check out www.everysport.com for team info and stats.

Check back next week for ‘an expat’s guide to Stockholm’s football clubs’.


  • Mr Slag 27 Jan 2011

    Thanks for that Simon, I too play for Albion and enjoy it very much.

    From the interview I see that the best way to meet people is having a pint or two…and its true!!

    Also I love the wallpaper Si, where did you get it from?

    All the best guys, and if your a goalkeeper reading this please join our training on Sunday….

    Thanks, Mr Slag.

  • Paul Skinback 27 Jan 2011

    Nice article!

    I was wondering if Simon used to play for the Gay team in Stockholm Snipers? as I have seen him drinking Cocktails on the gay boat in Slussen called pratrica’s!!!


    Paul Skinback

    Ps is that a real Ginger wig!

  • David Albion 27 Jan 2011

    Great article Si.

    I think I read the word “pint” 6 or 7 times. Good thing you have your priorities straight!

    And also, you look quite buff on the picture, good job on the angle.


  • Phil McRutch 27 Jan 2011


    When can we meet again TORGET Gamow stan,

    Follow the rainbow big boy! 😉

    Put one in the box for me….have a good season.

    PM x x x

  • Cramer 27 Jan 2011

    Great Interview ! Great team!

    See you on practice.


  • Cramer 27 Jan 2011

    Great Interview ! Great team thanks to an excellent coach and a funny bunch ballkickers!

    See you on practice.


  • Martin 28 Jan 2011

    Forza Albion!!

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  • Max 27 May 2011


    just moved back to sthlm after 3 years in UK. Originally Italian, but love british culture and sport culture and attitude even more! I am looking foe british communities and starting to find out there is a lot going on here! I played for Thames United and might consider joining a tema here too, italians have their own team here too, but don’t like their attitude when playing…I am wondering if is possible to enjoiy english games on english channels in Sthlm too, as this is what we are used to do in italian restaurant where we ather to watch games on italian paytv like Sky Italy. it is a completely different feeling than watching the sleepy comments from swedish commentators and Man U playing Cl deserves a genuine warmhearted british comment!

    thanks for any tips you can give on living british culture in Sthlm!

    BTW I am a great fan of Subbuteo (remember it?) and after being part of its resurgence in both Italy and UK in last 5 years I am planning to establish the first swedish subbuteo club! anyone interested?

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