14 Jul 2024
Baby Talk: Top 10 Tips to Help You Sparkle over the Festive Season!
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Baby Talk: Top 10 Tips to Help You Sparkle over the Festive Season!

Top 10 tips to help you sparkle over the festive season:

1.  Smile! This season offers so many opportunities to be social and the warmth and positivity you’ll receive in return is a boost. Even with two hours sleep and a howling baby, smile!


2. Coffee – this cannot be overstated. You’ve moved on from the desperation of any cup will do to settling for no less than the best.


 3. Champagne – buy it even if you’re not going to drink it just yet. If you’re limiting how much you drink then make that one or two glasses the life-giving elixir. Tip: a really good budget Champagne at Systembolaget – A Viot, product Nr 77657. Cost: 175 kr.


4. Accept that everything will be so much harder to do this time around if you’re a first- time mom – dinners, shopping among the crowds, julbord etc. but do it anyway! I feel like I deserve a medal each time I pass one of those ‘levels’.


5. Noise cancelling headphones for babies – they’re never too young to use them. A lifesaver at parties where no one believes they’re loud. Cost: around 170 kr


6. Portable feeding chair – so handy! Take it along to dinners at friends and family otherwise you might end up feeding your baby on the sofa or floor grrr. They cost around 350 kr – I paid 150kr secondhand.


7.  Baby carrier – take along your Baby Björn/ Ergo Baby/ Babylonia or scarf when out and about. Be prepared, a biddy might ask you whether your baby really wants to be carried that way at the party. Smile and say thank you.


 8.  Babysitter – expats have it rough with no family around to help with childcare. Make the most of time spent with visiting family and close friends. Why not have them mind the baby for a few hours if it works for you.


9.  Conversation – I found that people often want to have lengthy conversations with you to catch up – while eating. Especially when you have 20 minutes to eat while baby sleeps. #newparentproblems


10.  Remember to buy yourself a gift! Flowers, a good book or any gesture in recognition of the fact that you know you’re amazing.


Photo Credit: Karen Pérez Guzmán and Melker Dahlstrand/imagebank.sweden.se

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