19 Jun 2024
Tourist Information

First Time in Stockholm? What To Expect

Stockholm is a city like no other. As an ethnic melting pot, a hub of European culture, and a treasure trove of scientific achievements, Stockholm has plenty to offer visitors. For those considering a short or long stay in the city, Stockholm boasts many favourable attributes. It’s one of the safest, cleanest, and greenest cities […]

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Culture Festivals Music

In Pictures: Stockholm Culture Festival 2017

The Stockholm Culture Festival and the parallel We Are STHLM were held from the 15th to the 20th of August 2017 and the festivals were once again a success, with a total of 750 000 visits during the six days. India, celebrating 70 years of independence, was a big theme of the festival, but there […]

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Community Expat Support Family Parenting

Baby Talk: Top 10 Tips to Help You Sparkle over the Festive Season!

Top 10 tips to help you sparkle over the festive season: 1.  Smile! This season offers so many opportunities to be social and the warmth and positivity you’ll receive in return is a boost. Even with two hours sleep and a howling baby, smile!   2. Coffee – this cannot be overstated. You’ve moved on from […]

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Community Moving to Sweden Swedish Culture

The pursuit of the Swedish friend

I moved to Sweden 2009. That makes 7 years ago and yet, the other day, I caught myself saying to my friend Mikaela, “I think you are my first real Swedish girlfriend”. How weird is that? I did the math and after 7 years I can account for 3 real Swedish people that I would […]

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Art Culture What's on: Stockholm

Exhibition: Roger Ballen’s – Theatre of the Absurd, Fotografiska Museum

What do an asylum, mentally damaged people and a house full of birds have in common? YLC’s Ting Yiu visited Fotografiska to find out. The answer is Roger Ballen. The man who chose to photograph them. I went to the most talked about exhibition since Fotografiska opened and fell into a world of madness, discomfort […]

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Culture What's on: Stockholm

What Not to Miss: June

June is upon us – the best month of the Swedish year! We have the lowdown on this month’s highlights!

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