2 Mar 2024
Saving money on baby items
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Saving money on baby items

Have you found yourself shocked, no frightened, no scratch that just plain appalled to see how much baby related products cost here? One thing almost any newcomer will tell you is how expensive it is to live & shop in Stockholm, and baby products are no exception.

A brio pram for 9000Sek ($1350), a manual breast pump for 600Sek ($92), a mobile for 650Sek ($100). What?

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When I was 8 months pregnant I knew I had to pick-up the essentials, but each time I walked into a baby shop I found myself repulsed by the high prices. Not even the miniature pants, socks, and cute toys helped me overlook the massive mark-ups. Even second-hand shops were expensive. Come on, who’s willing to pay 40Sek or $6 for this stained pair of newborn pants?

When the baby was due in less than a month, I would literally have to psych myself up to go into a baby store. Once inside, I would hover in front of items, convert SEK to dollars and think… I could get this same breast pump they are selling for 700Sek for 150Sek back home. Inevitably I would leave, empty handed, and even more stressed out than when I first went in. I knew I had to get at least the bare essentials before my baby arrived, but with the exception of IKEA for furniture; H&M, Lindex & KappAhl for baby clothes, I simply stopped going into, let alone shopping, in Swedish baby shops.

What was I to do?

Look to the Internet. My savior!

As a new mother living in a foreign country, online shopping has been the answer to my prayers. I found out that Amazon.co.uk offers free delivery to Sweden. Not only do they deliver to Sweden, but their prices on most things are SOOOOO much cheaper than the same item at a Swedish shop.


To get free delivery you need to spend £25 on items that are marked ‘Eligible for FREE Super Saver Delivery’. With this  in mind, I went shopping.

Look at our comparison chart below to see the difference prices between shopping online vs. shopping at Swedish shops.

The first time the postman dropped one of those little white package notifications from the post-office I felt such a rush of excitement! I simply love getting mail! Even though I was hugely pregnant at this stage, I would jump off the couch, race to the door to scoop up the mail slip and high tail it to the post office to see what surprise had arrived for me. For the next month we got at least 4 of these slips a week. My sambo started thinking I had an online shopping problem…but as far as I’m concerned, I found a solution 🙂

We recommend getting baby stuff from the UK because firstly it’s much cheaper for you, and secondly if you buy your baby items via our website, it helps support our site. So please click on the banner to the right or the products below and get shopping! It’s a win-win, so thank you for your support!

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  • Kristine 26 Nov 2014

    Thank you so much for this tip. I understand completely how you feel – at 7 months pregnant, shopping for baby stuff is what makes me stressed the most.

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