17 Jun 2024
Kids In Stockholm: Indoor Play Centres
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Kids In Stockholm: Indoor Play Centres

Looking for a place to take the kids in Stockholm? Whatever the weather or season, indoor play centres provide the perfect place to host your child’s birthday party, somewhere to take the children when the weather is poor and simply an outing that’s fun for the whole family.

Most play-centres serve typical Swedish ‘barnmat’, meals like meatballs and potatoes, pancakes, and hot dogs.  Water is usually free and there are usually lots of different juices and milk. Generally there’s a wide variety of sweets and candy.

In many play centres around Stockholm, there is a small cost for the children to play and they must be accompanied by an adult.  Adults and children under one get free entrance. There will typically be a microwave to warm baby food up, changing facilities and a small child area for babies.

In recent years, a few newer play centres have also begun to pop up alongside some of the more well-known and older favorites. Here are some of the best play centres in and around Stockholm:


A great indoor activity centre, not only for the younger children but also for the older children and even teenagers.  There is a wonderful play area with climbing frames, a ball pit with a special and exciting discovery for younger children to see and slides.  For the older ones, there is even a laser game area for them to try and battle it out with friends.

Suitable for all ages

Where: Gjuterivägen 13, 168 67 Bromma

Contact:  08-566 104 10


Leklandet Stor och Liten

‘Stockholm’s largest, highest and coolest playland!’ At Leklandet Stor och Liten, there is something for everyone, with loads of slides, climbing walls, huge areas with climbing frames, a ‘volcano’, spider tower climbing, trampolines, a pirate boat with a cannon and ball pit, large separate play area for the little ones and the bike lanes…

Suitable for all ages

Where:  Barkarby Handelsplats, Herrestavägen 1, 177 38 Järfälla

Contact: 08-621 09 00



South of Stockholm, at Heron City, Lekplatsen is full of activity on most days with climbing areas, slides, a small carousel for the little ones to ride on, and a small area for the babies and younger children to play in.  There is also a large, open and spacious cafeteria and a candy shop inside.

Suitable for 0-10 years

Where:  Heron City, Dialoggatan 2, 141 75 Kungens Kurva

Contact: 08-505 606 50

Andy´s Lekland

Andy’s Lekland in Sickla has several large slides and tunnels, a ballroom, climbing area and big trampolines that the children can enjoy.  There is a smaller area over to side with soft toys and mats and a small slide, and there is an in-between area where the younger children and babies can play in a ballroom and a smaller climbing area with smaller slides.  Child-friendly food and snacks are also served in the cafeteria area, and there is also a small shop near the entrance.

Suitable for 0-12 years

Where:  Siroccogatan 7, Magasinet, Sickla Köpkvarter, Siroccogatan 7, 131 54 Nacka

Contact: 08-643 18 30


Saltsjöbus Café

A family café and play area suitable for both children and adults. As a parent you can sit comfortably, eat well and relax, while the kids really enjoy themselves. There is a climbing area, a play boat and a room for crafts. For those who like to read there is a smaller room for children to play and read quietly. They are also happy to arrange birthday parties.

Suitable for 0-7 years

Where: Edövägen 2, 132 30 Saltsjö-Boo

Contact: 08-715 02 00


Sollentuna Lekland

Sollentuna Lekland is a wonderful play centre that is mainly an indoor jungle gym, a small area for the younger children to play and a ball pool. They also have small cars for the children to drive around in a enclosed area.

Suitable for 0-12 year olds

Where: Malmvägen 4C, 191 61 Sollentuna

Contact: 073-878 3342


Playland STHLM

One of the most centrally located playlands, situated near Fridhemsplan T-bana on Kungsholmen. It is a little smaller, with a ball room, climbing area and slides. There is also a café with a small section nearby for the babies and younger children. Super friendly staff and great food at a reasonable price.

Suitable for 0-7 years

Where: Fridhemsgatan 49-51, 112 46 Stockholm

Contact: 0735-22 38 15



Laserdome is a great place for the older children, teenagers and adults to come and play inside a maze of activities with friends. With sensor fitted vests and futuristic laser weapons in hand, you chase each other through dark alleyways, up ramps and over obstacles. It includes an arcade and a small cafeteria.

Suitable for 7-12 years

Where: Markvardsgatan 16 AND Laserdome Stockholm at Surbrunnsgatan 42,

Contact: 08-702 09 30 and 08-16 85 10



Laser Force is a fun and painless sport enjoyed by both young and old, girls and boys. On a 600kvm course, they have built an obstacle course, a medieval castle, a large cave, a full-scale tank, a long sci-fi underground and much more! Great for team-builds for adults too.

Suitable for 7-12 years

Where: Saltmätargatan 19A, 113 59 Stockholm

Contact: 08-33 66 66



A 1000 m² indoor activity and play centre for younger and older children up to 12 years old.  There are climbing areas, slides, inflatable labyrinths, a ball room and colourful tunnels to climb inside. A small area for the babies and younger children is close to and encompassed by the rest of the play area.

Suitable for 0-12 years

Where: Hamringevägen 1, Tullinge

Contact: 08-530 20 000



A unique indoor/outdoor play area for children in the southern part of Stockholm.  Children can come and be citizens for a day. There are small cars for them to drive around in. They can also climb a wall, take a walk with toy strollers or even play indoor hockey with friends. Kaatach even has a wide variety of activities throughout the year, including play times specifically for children with special needs.

Suitable for all ages

Where: Energivägen 2B, 135 49 Tyresö

Contact: 08-400 268 80


Nickis Äventyrslek

Nickis Äventyrslek is a fun indoor play centre in Täby. It has climbing areas, a bouncy castle and a large inflatable slide. There is also a small area for the smaller children and babies to play.

Suitable for 0-10 years

Where: Fogdevägen 2, 183 64 Täby

Contact: 08-630 52 99



Lek och Bus

Lek och Bus is located in InfraCity, also on the north side of Stockholm. It is a fun and exciting playland with various jungle gyms, slides, a bouncy castle, a football/soccer area, a basketball area, a couple of trampolines and a good sized tricycle rink. There is also a good sized serving area near the entrance.

Suitable for all ages

Where: Kanalvägen 3B (Infra City), 194 61 Upplands Väsby

Contact: 08-590 322 23



Lekiz has a nice size traffic area where children can ride on small scooters and tricycles, slides and a climbing  and discovery area.  There is also a small area for the babies and younger children to play and a small slide for them to slide down on.  A café is located near the play area and several tables where parents, friends and adults can enjoy a chat while the children play.

Suitable for all ages

Where: Rallarvägen 23, 184 40 Åkersberga

Contact: 08-540 86 700


Photo Credit: DieselDemon

Original Article: Breigh Mattson


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