29 May 2024
An expat’s guide to Stockholm’s football clubs
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An expat’s guide to Stockholm’s football clubs

Stockholm’s Football Clubs

If you’re a big football player or avid fan, Sweden is a great place to live. The Swedes love football and surprisingly it’s even more popular than ice hockey. Almost 500,000 people are registered for association run football teams. OK, it’s true that Swedes generally don’t yell, scream or go entirely nuts when they’re watching or playing games, but if you’re looking for that kind of environment in Stockholm, there are more than a few places you can find it.

Stockholm is home to three English speaking male football clubs made-up of expats from all around the world. The newest of them all; The Albion (FC), currently has twelve different nationalities represented on their team. These division seven teammates play by the motto “in pugna” meaning, still in the fight. The two main goals of this club are to win and have fun doing it. As you may have read in last week’s article Inside View into Stockholm’s Football Culture, The Albion (FC) is sponsored by O’Connells Irish pub. Located in Gamla Stan, O’Connells boasts its widescreen TV’s featuring live sport that are the source for heaps of friendly debate between fans and staff alike. At O’Connells they say: “There are no strangers here – only friends who have not yet met!”

Another international football club in Stockholm that has been kicking around for much longer than The Albion (FC) is the Tudor Arms (FC). They have their roots in the oldest British pub in Stockholm, and the club was formed in the 1970’s. As last season’s champions, this year they move up from division seven to take on the sixth division. As you may have guessed, The Tudor Arms in Östermalm is where the club is based out of. Almost anyone would agree that after 41 years The Tudor Arms is still the best British pub in Stockholm.

The third English speaking footy club in the city is also regarded as an exceptionally international team. The Långholmen (FC) is a division five team who pride themselves on being a second-home to roving footballers living in Stockholm. Their club follows three basic principles: “Respect your fellow players. Love football. Enjoy the beautiful game.” The Långholmen (FC) is linked to the Southside Cavern, also known as the “Southsider” in Zinkensdamm. The Southsider is a brilliant place to have a pint and watch the game as it is equipped with three big screen TVs and has some of the most impressive live sport coverage in Stockholm.

So if you’re a football enthusiast looking for an excellent way to stay fit and meet others from the dynamic international community in Stockholm, then joining one of these football clubs may be the answer for you. For more information about each team or questions regarding recruitment you can check out their websites or send an email to:

The Albion:


[email protected]

Tudor Arms:


[email protected]



[email protected]

You can also register to try out in a couple of training sessions then decide whether you’d like to become a member. Membership prices vary from team to team, but are approximately between 500-2000 SEK for a season.

Information provided by Simon Brazier

Article by Rachel Dee


  • Aaron Mansville 7 Feb 2011

    OMG….this is exactly what I was looking for!!!! I played soccer in the US for years and loved every minute of it!. Does anybody know if an old 38 year old could get a game?

    All the sites look really impressive!

    Best regards


  • Morgan 7 Feb 2011

    Hi Aaron,

    We are so happy it helped you! Let us know if you have been looking for any other information. We are also looking to find out what the community wants and needs. Cheers, Morgan

  • Fredia 8 Feb 2011

    Sweet information, refreshing site layout, maintain the great work

  • Ray 8 Feb 2011

    Fine post, I must say i enjoy messages from you.

  • mark ryan 29 Mar 2012

    hi, i have been in stockholm now since oct of last year and seeing as the winter is over i am looking to get back into a bit of training and playing a bit of footy, i live in hagersten and the clubs seem pretty close, if i could maybe get a bit of direction to some training session or friendly match or any other information that might be of help i would greatly appreciate it, cheers

  • Alex 19 Jun 2012

    How about football training for kids in English or Swedish? Thanks

    • Suki 5 Jan 2013

      Is there a 5-a-side for over 40s or 35s?

  • Eric 16 Jan 2013

    Re Locating to Stockholm in March, looking for footy team near Lilla Essingen playing at a decent level

  • paul 19 Jun 2013

    hi im looking for a club tryout please can you help me to get any one? i play right forward.

  • gratzie 24 Jun 2013

    hi,i am a footballer base in italy and i just came to sweden and dying in need of a club.Back in italy i played for sampdoria semi professional team,but know am free to play for any club of my choice please you can contact me through this [email protected] pls i live in stockholm thanks.

  • Jack 8 Sep 2013


    I have just moved to Stockholm from London and am looking for a team to join or anyone who plays football regularly.

    Can anyon give me any help?

    Cheers guys

    My email is [email protected]

  • Caity 17 Feb 2014

    Any options for women? Have played competitive in the past.

  • ernest oscull 31 Jan 2015

    hello i am ernest by name i play as a striker and i am interested in playing for this team i am an intelligent player pls i would like if u contact me to go with you on a tranning for test. Email{[email protected]} Tel{ +34631564566

  • Seyed Mahmoud Malaekeh Pour 27 May 2015

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    Hello and good time.

    I would like to inform You that one of my friends, a 15 years old boy
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    Sweden. He also is a sportsman in playing football and would likes to
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  • wendy waker 15 Sep 2015

    Dear mrs Morgan Erickson
    I have my nephew and he is a good player ..but in my country he canot get the chance to play..please how can we help him not kill his talent
    He many certificate from football since he 10 years..please write to me bag
    To help this poor child..belive me he is agood player…

  • precious irabor 30 Jan 2016

    good day, my name is precious irabor i am a very good footballer, i play attack, i will love to come play in your team in Sweden, please reply me or call me +393270137452 i will send you my cv and video clips, thanks

  • Henrik Arbon 17 Dec 2018

    Although the article is dated, if you are reading this and interested in playing for the Tudor Arms FC (Div.6, based out of Kungsholmen) please contact myself,

    [email protected]

    All levels of players are welcome since we run both a first and reserve team.

  • Gyasi Asare 15 Nov 2019

    Hi,am footballer and am in Stockholm now and need of a club,i used to play for a semi professional team in Italy,but now am in Sweden and am free to play for any club of my choice. Please e-mail me at gyasiasare21@yahoo. com

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