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Run Stockholm: 10 races you can still sign up for
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Run Stockholm: 10 races you can still sign up for

Stockholm has seen some amazing races already this year but if you haven’t taken part in one yet, don’t panic: there are still loads of races coming up!

From running during midnight to running through mud, here are our tips for 10 of the best races coming to Stockholm in the second half of 2015.

1. Stockholm Ultra Marathon

What is it: We’re starting off with a big one: the Stockholm Ultra Marathon is for anyone who feels that a regular marathon just isn’t long enough. Runners can choose between three different distances: 50K, 75K or 100K, and the track is made up of several loops around the beautiful nature on Gärdet and Djurgården.

When: 8 August 2015

How far: 50K, 75K or 100K

How much: 895 SEK, 945 SEK or 995 SEK

2. Midnattsloppet (The Midnight Run)

What is it: Midnattsloppet is a hugely popular race through Södermalm where participants run during the night. It was originally inspired by the Rio de Janeiro carnival, so don’t be surprised to hear samba music blasting out as you run or to see runners in fancy dress competing in the Masquerade Competition. You need to be over 16 to participate, but younger runners can join in with the Short Midnattsloppet or Minimil earlier in the day.

When: 15 August 2015

How far: 10K

How much: 395 SEK

Photo: Midnattsloppet
Photo: Midnattsloppet

3. Bellmanstafetten (The Bellman Relay)

What is it: Get into the team spirit with Bellmanstafetten! This race is run in teams of 5 people, where each person runs 5K around Stora Skuggan in Norra Djurgården. Bellmanstafetten has become very popular with companies who often enter several teams of colleagues, but there are also teams made up of neighbours, friends and families. After the race, each team gets a picnic basket to enjoy in the forest.

When: 19, 20, 22 August 2015

How far: 25K in total, or 5K per person

How much: 1 195 SEK per team

4. The Color Run Night

What is it: After the success of the Color Run and Color Me Rad (see our photos here), this year Stockholm will host Europe’s first Color Run Night. With glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark paint and the most colourful after-party ever, the emphasis is on fun, so there’s no timing for runners and everyone is invited. Children under 9 are free and don’t need to register, but do need to be with an adult.

When: 11 September 2015

How far: 5K

How much: 375 SEK

5. Stockholm Half Marathon

What is it: The Stockholm Half Marathon has become a classic race that takes runners through many areas in Stockholm, including Norrmalm, Vasastan, Kungsholmen, Gamla Stan and Södermalm. If you want inspiration to train for the Stockholm Half Marathon, you can join an evening training class over the summer that meets every Thursday starting from 11 June (and costs 695 SEK).

When: 12 September 2015

How far: Approx. 21K

How much: 535 SEK

Photo: Race for a Change
Photo: Race for a Change

 6. Race For A Change

What is it: Race For A Change is a small race with a big idea: all the registration money goes towards helping others. It is Sweden’s first charity race and welcomes all participants, whether you run, jog or walk. This year the money will go to the organisation behind Solvatten, a portable water tank that can clean and heat water using solar energy. The race itself is along the water around Kungsholmen and is even open to participants with pushchairs.

When: 19 September 2015

How far: 8K

How much: 350 SEK

7. Hindertimmen (The Obstacle Hour)

What is it: Hindertimmen is a real hidden gem in Stockholm. It’s a friendly, little-known trail running race, which takes place in Stora Skuggan every September. There are no actual obstacles to clear, but runners have to navigate tree roots, rocks and some steep parts through the forest. The race is two laps of 5 and a half kilometres each, and you can either run them both yourself or as part of a team of two people, where each person runs one lap.

When: 19 September 2015

How far: 11K

How much: 99 SEK

8. TjurRuset (The Bull Charge)

What is it: TjurRuset calls itself Stockholm’s “toughest race” and it has a good reason: the race goes through mud, sand and sometimes water as well as over steep hills. The location is kept secret until nearer the time and changes each year, but will be somewhere within the greater Stockholm area. In 2014, it was held in Södertälje, but wherever it is, you can expect to be muddy, exhausted and satisfied at the end!

When: 3 and 4 October 2015 (tickets are already sold out for 3 October)

How far: Approx. 10K

How much: 525 SEK (until 15 August—after that the price goes up a bit)

Photo: TjurRuset
Photo: TjurRuset

 9. Winter Marathon

What is it: The Winter Marathon is, unsurprisingly, a marathon held in the winter. It is Sweden’s oldest marathon, starting in 1963 and takes you around the beautiful area of Norra Djurgården. Participants get warm drinks, fruit and medals afterwards, while showers, changing rooms and lunch (40 SEK for runners) are available at nearby Östermalms IP.

When: 7 November 2015

How far: Approx. 42K

How much: 375 SEK

10. Winter Mile

What is it: If you fancy running in winter, but not a whole marathon, then the Winter Mile is a perfect alternative. The Winter Mile takes place at the same time as the Winter Marathon, but is only 10K (aka a Swedish mile, which explains the name). Just like the Winter Marathon, participants get food, drinks and medals afterwards, as well as the use of showers and changing rooms at nearby Östermalms IP.

When: 7 November 2015

How far: 10K

How much: 275 SEK


So grab your glow-sticks, your team mates and your running shoes, and register for a race in Stockholm in 2015! If there are any other great races we’ve missed, let us know about them in the comments. Happy running!


  • Vanessa Bramante 5 Aug 2015

    The 5K@EASD Run/Walk brings together EASD delegates and citizens of Stockholm to emphasize the need for increased physical activity to help prevent diabetes and diabetes complications. This disease awareness activity provides participants with the opportunity to raise public awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle in preventing and controlling diabetes.

    Following the success of the Vienna edition in 2014, Novo Nordisk will again present the 5K@EASD Run/Walk in Stockholm, Sweden. The run/walk will be held on Wednesday 16 September 2015, starting at 18:30 at Stockholm Olympiastadion, home of the 1912 Olympic Games.

    Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/5keasd-2015-registration-15302231386

    • Kate Blanchfield 25 Aug 2015

      Thanks, Vanessa! This sounds like a great event. AND you get to finish the race in the Olympic Stadium!

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