14 Jul 2024
Craving For Barbecue? Stockholm Restaurants For The Best Grilled Treats
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Craving For Barbecue? Stockholm Restaurants For The Best Grilled Treats

When you think of food and Stockholm, what immediately comes to mind are classic Nordic dishes and snacks such as meatballs, kanelbulle, and toast Skagen. But did you know that the city also boasts several restaurants where you can get the best barbecued meats and vegetables? From bistros that serve perfectly juicy grilled beef and Tex-Mex cuisine to vegetarian-friendly establishments, there’s something for everybody who’s looking for tasty grilled fare. Here’s where to go to get the best barbecued food in Stockholm.



This restaurant’s name lets people know that they’re serious about every element of barbecuing. Bring your appetite with you and partake in Grill’s lunch buffet where you get to indulge in grilled meats such as beef, chicken, and lamb. Sides, salads, sauces, desserts, and even cream cheese, biscotti, and coffee are also available. If you’re dining with a large group, look no further as the establishment boasts a private dining room that features an extensive collection of wine so you can take your pick and pair your choice of vino with your food.



Hankering for some authentic Korean barbecue? Look no further than Arirang, a family-owned restaurant where you can feast on bulgogi, a dish made up grilled beef slices and Korean pickles. Here, you can also have samgyupsal—grilled slices of pork that you wrap in salad leaves. For a taste of everything and an interactive dining experience, choose the restaurant’s Arirang Korean BBQ where the food is grilled directly at your table. End the meal with a traditional Korean rice cake called Tteok served with creamy gourmet ice cream or feast on apple fritters.


Ardbeg Embassy

If you prefer your grilled steak with a shot of whiskey or a glass of ice cold beer, then Ardbeg Embassy is the place to be. You can have grilled beef, reindeer fillet, or moose fillet in this restaurant, but vegetarians are welcome too as this establishment also serves vegetarian dishes with a Swedish twist. Whiskey fans can choose from a wide selection of single malt whiskeys from Glenmorangie, Orkney, or Islay.

Finding the best grilled food is easy when you’re in Stockholm. Be adventurous and try dining at different restaurants at different times of the day as the menu may vary depending on whether you’re eating lunch or dinner. Most of all, bring a hearty appetite with you and don’t forget to have fun sampling all the best grilled food that these establishments have to offer.

Photo credits:

Cover photo – Jakob Fridholm.

Article photos – Courtesy of the restaurants.

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