21 Jun 2024
Global Expat Centre: Your Home Away from Home
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Global Expat Centre: Your Home Away from Home

Just moved to Sweden? Feeling like a fish out of water? There’s no need! Let the Global Expat Centre in Stockholm be your home away from home!

Named Best Practice in Talent Support by the EU’s BSR Project in 2013, the Global Expat Centre offers language training, cross-cultural services and job support, along with a wide range of social activities that will swiftly help you settle into your new life.

The centre was singled out for their exemplary work, being cited for their ‘total solution’ approach in covering the needs of international families and workers. At the Global Expat Centre, they don’t just teach you the language, they offer members a variety of activities to get you out and participating in the life and language of Sweden.


Language Courses: Swedish for Internationals

Learning the language is of course an important first step when arriving in a foreign country. Being able to communicate with people around you on a daily basis, whether it’s to order a meal or simply ask for directions, can’t be overrated. But when it comes to language training – what suits one, might not suit another – and that’s why the Global Expat Centre offers both group- and individual classes – tailored to the needs of expatriates and internationals.

All the teachers have experience of expat life themselves and can therefore provide students with the practical language knowledge necessary to make their time in Sweden more productive and enjoyable, both professionally and socially.

Lessons are built around day-to-day experiences, allowing newcomers to swiftly feel comfortable in everyday life situations.

Group lessons are kept small (8-10 students), giving students the benefits of individual coaching while not losing the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. However, private lessons are also available and can be booked at the time and place most convenient to the student, whether at the centre, in the student’s home or place of work. Intensive courses, tailored to the specific needs of the student, are also available throughout the year.

To secure your spot or to find out more, contact the centre HEREall group lessons start Week 6  (3rd – 7th February) 2014.


The Global Expat Centre is located in Vasastan, close to Odenplan Metro Station


Cross-Cultural Training: Solving the cultural puzzle

Anyone who has relocated to another country knows that a new language must be put into context, and GEC therefore provides coaching in Swedish culture and social code. These go a long way in helping you avoid sometimes hugely embarrassing social or work faux pas.

You don’t want to be the one guest who shows up at a dinner party with flowers still in their paper, or waltzing into the living room with your shoes still on your feet!  

The Cross-cultural workshop Welcome to Sweden, Focus on Stockholm, helps answer questions and to introduce newcomers to the quirks (and irks) of daily life in a foreign city. If you have ever asked yourself questions like “Why do Swedes always remove their shoes indoors?” and “Why does no one want to chat to me on the bus?”– this is the course for you! The workshop is free of charge for Global Expat Centre members but is also open to paying non-members.

Whatever your particular needs – the Global Expat Centre provides its students with the tools to make the most of their stay in the city. To make your Stockholm experience one that will stay with you for a lifetime – HERE is where you join! For more information or to book an appointment contact Global Expat Centre Stockholm.


Activities and get-togethers are all part of the learning experience

Full Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Global Expat Centre Stockholm.  At Your Living City, we only choose to work with partners that we feel would help our readers; these select few are chosen for our sponsored articles. 

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