29 May 2024
When In Stockholm, Dive the Archipelago
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When In Stockholm, Dive the Archipelago

When you think about Stockholm, chances are The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is one of the first things that come to mind. While Stieg Larsson’s trilogy books may have boosted tourism to the Swedish capital, the city has a lot more to offer locals and visitors alike. Popular attractions such as Fotografiska and the Stockholm Cathedral, together with delicious food a bustling nightlife and even spectacular diving locations such as the Stockholm Archipelago make the ‘Venice of the North’ one of the most sought-after places to live in, and visit, in the world.

Diving around the Stockholm Archipelago

Wreck diving is considered to be one of the coolest things to do around the archipelago. Due to the Baltic Sea being extremely brackish with a low oxygen level, the wrecks are very well-preserved, making the waters surrounding them an absolutely dream-come-true to explore for any ardent diver. If you are up for an adventure, gather your diving gear and explore one (or all) of these wrecks.

Riksäpplet – guided tour. A Video by Statens Maritima Museer 

Shipwrecks to explore

Despite the damage caused to this 84-gun battleship when salvagers blew it up with dynamite in 1921, the Riksäpplet, located just off Dalarö, is still an impressive sight to behold. Situated at a depth of just more than 15 meters, the wreck is easily accessible to both novice and experienced divers. If you are looking for a deeper dive, you can explore the remains of The Melanie, a Swedish streamer that sunk after landing on rocks near Biskopsön in 1907. Lying at a depth of 35 meters the wreck is home to an impressive array of marine life and a beautiful kelp forest.

You can swim along the archipelago as well

Even if you aren’t a diver you can enjoy the immense beauty of the archipelago and its more than 30,000 islands by swimming in its pristine waters. During the warmer months you can choose to swim in the ocean or in one of the many lakes in the region. There are numerous public bathing areas situated in the archipelago with the entire island of Grinda being fondly known as the bathing paradise of Stockholm. Thanks to Sweden’s ‘right of public access’ law, you are free to sunbathe wherever you want as long as you aren’t trespassing on someone’s private property.

Evening swim – Photo by Johan Willner

Whether you call Stockholm home or are simply passing by, make an effort to visit the archipelago, either for a dive or even just a dip in the cool waters. Apart from getting closely acquainted with the plentiful marine life, spending time in the sun, breathing in the fresh air will undoubtedly give your well-being a very delightful boost.

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