21 May 2024
United Kingdom in focus at the Stockholm Film Festival 2023
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United Kingdom in focus at the Stockholm Film Festival 2023

Stockholm film festival 2023 U.K.

This year, the Stockholm Film Festival shines a spotlight on the United Kingdom as the focus country for 2023, announcing two new magnificent British films. It’s a great mix of this year’s most hyped debut and a twisted psychological drama, with young British filmmaking as the common denominator. The number of cinemas where the festival’s films will be screened is also expanding and there is an open invitation to all film-lovers to the program release event with British DJs.

Over the past decade, British cinema has experienced a resurgence. The costume dramas of the 80s and the romantic comedies of the 90s have given way to more innovative cinematic art.

One debutante everyone is talking about, who took Cannes by storm, is Molly Manning Walker. With her exceptional ››How to Have Sex‹‹, she presents a sensitive and subtly directed bittersweet story about sunshine, sand, and an undercurrent of sorrow.

Naqqash Khalid’s
 ››In Camera‹‹ – an intriguing psychological drama with a twisted plot that explores racism and the hopelessness that can come with the acting profession. Offensive auditions, rejection after rejection, and humiliation in general.

In addition to these newcomers, we already have the British-produced ››Poor Things‹‹ by Yorgos Lanthimos and ››The Old Oak‹‹ by the Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award winner Ken Loach in the program. The 87-year-old veteran will visit the festival to screen his film and receive the award on November 9th at the classic single-screen Cinema Skandia

Molly Manning Walker
››How to Have Sex‹‹ by Molly Manning

– There are incredibly exciting and great films coming from the UK right now, featuring young, hot, and, above all, interesting talents like Molly Manning Walker and Naqqash Khalids. Additionally, we have perhaps Ken Loach’s best film to date, ‘The Old Oak,’ which moved a seasoned group of critics to tears when it premiered in Cannes earlier this year.

Beatrice Karlsson, Program Director of the Stockholm International Film

What’s new!
This year, the number of cinemas are expanding to a total of eight to accommodate the unbeatable program lineup. The full program, including guest appearances, will be released on October 11th and will consist of film screenings, director visits, and seminars.

Program Party with a UK Vibe:
The Stockholm Film Festival invites you to a program party with two British DJs, Will Croxford and Gavin Maycroft.

When: Wednesday, October 11th, from 6:00 PM until late
Where: Riche Fenix, Götgatan 40, Stockholm

All images used with authorisation and facilitated by the Stockholm International Film Festival.

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