12 Jul 2024
From the gallery wall to your wall – It’s Affordable Art Fair!
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From the gallery wall to your wall – It’s Affordable Art Fair!

There’s nothing art cannot achieve, from reproductions of reality, to artists interpretations of reality, from painting to photography… Whatever its form there’s something about art that captivates us all and makes us want to own it. And that’s why it’s so good to have Affordable Art Fair making it possible to own an unique art piece at a reasonable price, between 500 to 50,000 SEK to be precise.

From the 13th to the 16th of October you can visit Affordable Art Fair at their new Nacka Strandsmässan venue, to appreciate art from well stablished as well as upcoming artists, presented by 50 local and international galleries.

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With Nacka Strandsmässan it feels like the Affordable Art Fair now has a proper auditorium for itself, with the size and commodities it needed. Not only art is shown and sold there, but there are also conferences conducted by art experts and art critics. One of the talks taking place on Sunday 16th, for example, will be by Per Hedström who will take you from Michelangelo to Anna Odell, confronting what’s actually art and what is just scandal.


What should you expect to see when visiting the fair? There are paintings in different styles, photography, amazing portraits, landscapes and  other scenes of the world. There are also sculptures that you can have in a nice corner at home, and pieces that you can hang on a wall. Of course there is mixed media as well – for example painting mixed with light boxes that shine in blue or pink; or paintings on glass or on wood. There is photography with added paint strokes or digitally manipulated. One of my favourite pieces was a VW door with the sculpture of a white dog peeking its head out through the window.


There is also street art, yeah! You can buy street art from the likes of MOBSTR if you’re not familiar with his work look at his video below.

One of the things I like the most about street art is its capability to pick on everyday subjects and situations and criticize it in a funny, almost accepted way.


There are also pieces from  artists like Fabian Manheimer, who’s constructing miniature worlds with tiny human figures living in the interiors of old radios which he then photographs and prints in an oversized scale. It’s really a fascinating variety of modern and classic art to admire around this year’s fair.

Along the main corridor in the middle of the fair you will find the work of 7 young artists who have recently graduated from different Swedish art schools, opening a space for new talent to reach out to the public scene.

The art that you’d find at Affordable Art Fair is not aimed at white walls like the conventional art does, it’s aimed at home walls, living environments, spaces where people do not pass by it, but live with it. That’s why this year’s fair has an area that is furnished to look like a normal home, where you can go and try hanging a piece you’re considering buying to imagine how it would look in your bedroom or your living room.

Coming with kids? Don’t worry, there’s a corner where they will find a space to expand their art capabilities creating jewellery with different materials. The kids corner will be open from Friday to Sunday between 12-16. You can leave the trolleys and other stuff there safely too.

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  • Dara Collins 10 Aug 2017

    Do you have information on the artist that created the dog and VW car door sculpture?

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