21 May 2024
Sweden nabs Gold at Bocuse d’Or in Stockholm
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Sweden nabs Gold at Bocuse d’Or in Stockholm

On Thursday Sweden took home the gold in the world’s most prestigious gastronomic competition, the Bocuse d’Or Europe, or the European Cup for chefs.

Twenty European countries took part in the competition, of which 12 went through to the world cup, the Bocuse d’Or in Lyon in 2015. Swedish chef Tommy Myllymäki won the gold for Sweden after having been in hard training over the past few months. No stranger to the competition, he had previously been awarded silver at the world championships in 2011.

“The pork dish was a challenge despite the fantastic product – but today it all came together. It is amazing to win after weeks of round the clock training – and on my home ground, as well,” Myllymäki said after the winner had been announced.

The atmosphere at the event was compared by the spectators as similar to a fotball game, with loud chanting and flag waving galore.

“As a Swede, it was great to see the enthusiasm of the audience, cheering on their country. Flags waving, loud cheers and an amazing experience all round,” Stockholmer Michaela Hemgren, present at the event, told YLC.

In the end, Scandinavia took home the three top spots in the scoring.

1. Sweden
2. Denmark
3. Norway
4. France
5. Finland
6. Great Britain
7. Iceland
8. Estonia
9. Hungary
10. Germany
11. Netherlands
12. Switzerland

The competitors had five hours and 35 minutes to create a fish dish and a meat dish for 14 people. The meat and fish type to be used was decided by the competition organizers and it was the first time that these were picked from the country where the competition was held. This year the fish was saithe, together with Grebbestad oysters and mussels from Möllösund. The meat was pork from Havor farm on Gotland.

“The flavour is the starting point in my cooking, I like it when they are clean and true to their origin. It has always come easy to me find the right flavours and I will go all in, trying to accomplish this in Stockholm on Thursday,” Myllymäki had said prior to the event.


Congrats to Tommy Myllymäki and Sweden from Your Living City Stockholm!


Featured Images: Jonas Borg, Charlie Drevstam

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