20 Apr 2024
Something for the Weekend: Poetry, Pillows and…Hats
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Something for the Weekend: Poetry, Pillows and…Hats

Hat Exhibition, Halwyl House

As always there are heaps of fun things to do in Stockers this coming weekend. To help you out (we’re nice this way) YLC has found some gems. You’re welcome.

For filmbuffs and other culture fiends – the  Russian Film festival KinoRurik kicks off Friday the 4th with  Poisons, or the World History of Poisoning (subtitles in English).

For those that appreciate a good beat flavoured poetry reading – why not drop in at Izzy Young’s Folklore Centrum for On the Road Again on Saturday (5th) in the afternoon? A nice eclectic crowd is a given at Izzy’s place and you might even get to hear the lyrics to one of the songs that Bob Dylan wrote especially for him…

If any of this just simply isn’t risqué enough for your sophisticated tastes why not dig out your glad rags and dark pearls and swing by Burlesque Night at Melt Bar on Saturday night?

And for the kiddywinks, you ask?

Of course, there is the pillow fighting on Saturday – you shouldn’t miss that! Fun for all the family – just bring enough pillows!

And why not take them to Zebradans new dance show Lövkoja this weekend, or perhaps to see the hat exhibition and the hat workshop at Halwyl house on Saturday? On Sunday, the whole family would enjoy a trip to Tolv Stockholm to enjoy their child friendly brunch.  

So there you have it – go forth and enjoy! We know WE will!

For more ideas on what to do in April, check out our guide to what not to miss in Stockholm this month! 

Featured Image: Erik Lernestål


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