22 May 2024
“Warning: Smoking is Addictive” Low & Slow BBQ Smokehouse
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“Warning: Smoking is Addictive” Low & Slow BBQ Smokehouse

We all know BBQ and at this time of the year I’m sure many of you are getting out the BBQ grill, meeting up with some friends, and enjoying a few cold beers while the grilled meat smell wallows through the summertime sunshine.

Well this is a different type of BBQ. American style smoked BBQ. This isn’t merely throwing meat on a grill, at least not in the traditional sense. The real thing is meat cooked over indirect wood fire heat for a really long time (sometimes as long as 18 hours). The resulting flavour is a combination of smoke, fat, meat juices and whatever spices or dry rub that have been added.


Low and Slow food1

American style BBQ varies by region with four main styles: Memphis, North Carolina, Kansas City & Texas. Memphis is famous for pulled pork-shoulder doused in a tomato-based sauce. North Carolina usually is made using the whole pig in a vinegar-based sauce. Kansas city traditionally are ribs cooked in a dry rub, and Texas style eat beef and lots of it (usually brisket).

The different cooking styles are fought over and discussed with fierce loyalty in the same way that you or I might discuss our favourite sports teams.

Other countries have their own style of BBQ. Korean barbecue are thin slices of meat cooked with rice. Argentina has Asado, which is whole animals cooked over a smokeless fire pit. And there are many other styles all over the world.

Low and Slow smoker

Here at Low and Slow Smokehouse, you will find the most traditional American style of BBQ, that I have ever tasted anywhere in the world outside of the USA. This is probably because chef Ben Hensley and the smoker are both from Kansas City. Making this restaurant about as authentic as you’re going to get!!

Low and Slow lights

As soon as you walk into Low and Slow, you can smell the wood that has been cooking the meat all day. Ben comes in at 7am every morning to put the meat in the oven and by the time doors open at 5pm, it’s smoked to perfection and ready for us all to enjoy.

His wife Carolina, who is Swedish, runs the quaint and charming dining room. She professionally manages the area with a distinct eye to detail, if you may need anything during your meal.

Low and Slow

The brisket is smoked using real oak wood and has an intense smokey flavour, rubbed in a great spice rub that enhances the intensity of this rich cut of meat. It pulls apart and a knife and fork are not needed.

The pork ribs are the best I’ve eaten anywhere in Stockholm. Ben uses a mix of cherry and apple wood and smokes them for about 6 hours. This mix of wood gives the ribs a sweetness and a lovely mellow smoke flavour that penetrates the meat all the way to the bone. The servings are very generous and you wouldn’t leave here hungry.

Low and Slow food2

We tried the pulled pork croquettes, which were delicious and served with a chilli cheese dipping sauce.

Ben uses a rare and special technique to cook his Buffalo wings. They are smoked first, then finished in the deep fryer giving them all the smokey flavour, but also crisp on the outside. Great wings and I will definitely be back for more!

Low and Slow food3

After all this talk of meat you will be surprised to hear I found the true surprise to this delicious dinner were the sides that are available. The Mac’n’Cheese is not heavy nor ‘clumpy’ (I couldn’t think of a better word to describe it) with crispy cheese topping. The beans were rich, full of meat and had a deep intense earthy flavour. The pickles had a hint of chili running through them, but were still refreshing, and the coleslaw was crispy and fresh

Low and Slow1

Because they smoke the meat fresh every day and it takes up to 12 hours to cook, be sure to get there early as once the meat is gone, then its gone for the day (no quick frying a steak to order at this place). I’m sure many a poor soul has arrived late at night after a few choice beverages and found their favourite ribs to be sold out!!

Because of this I recommend to book especially for larger parties.

All in all, this is a great restaurant and highly recommended. They have a huge 4th of July party happening soon, so be sure to book your place.

Eat well, get messy and bring a bib!!!



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