14 Jul 2024
YLC’s Picks for Kulturnatt 2015
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YLC’s Picks for Kulturnatt 2015

Kulturnatt 2015 is set to take over Stockholm on April 25th and a wide array of cultural events will be on offer for everyone in the Venice of the North to enjoy. But with over 400 things to do in one night, figuring where to start can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned of culturists. No worries, though – YLC has scoped out the festival in advance. Here are our top Kulturnatt picks put together by our very own Carmen Price and Nina Uddin.


St. Gertrud’s German Church: A Whole Evening with Bach

Fancy a bit of Baroque? Then head to Gamla stan, where the Tyska Kyrkan (or St. Gertrude’s German Church) is putting on a performance of Johann Sebastian Bach’s enthralling work die Kunst der Fuge. Like everything associated with Kulturnatt, entrance is free and the evening will be divided into short 30-minute concerts. The music starts at 18:00 and ends around midnight, so you have plenty time to pop in, take in a concert or two, and then flâneur your way to another event.

Strindbergsmuseet: At Home with Strindberg

Bookworms and non-bookworms can unite at the home of one of Sweden’s most illustrious – and controversial – writers: August Stindberg. At the Strindbergmuseet (Strindberg Museum), visitors can learn about Strindberg’s life and times in the Blue Tower – his last residence – and on Kulturnatt, there is an added bonus: the author’s private library of over 3,000 books will be open for the public to view. The museum, which is located at Drottninggatan 85, will be open between 18:00 and 24:00.

Tavelfabriken: Color Fest

It’s one thing to view artworks at a gallery, but it is quite another to be their creator, and if you make your way over to Hammarby Sjöstad’s Tavelfabriken on Kulturnatt, you will actually have a chance to be the artist. Under the watchful eye of one of Tavelfabriken’s painting masters, you can play Pollock or af Klint and bring your own color explosion to life on canvas. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then certainly the other artworks, as well as the free glass of champagne at the door, will. Tavelfabriken will be open between 18:00 and 24:00 on Kulturnatt and it is located at Båtbyggargatan 22.

The Royal Swedish Ballet: Dance! Dance! Dance!

Like the painters at Tavelfabriken, the Royal Swedish Ballet wants to give you a chance to participate in the artistic experience. Dance! Dance! Dance! will take place at Södermälarstrand’s Münchenbryggeriet and the program is family friendly and diverse: participants can try out ballet, modern, jazz and even move to the beat of their own drums. The evening will also include London’s Transition Dance Company as a special guest, and as it is their first time in Sweden, seeing them perform for free would be an extra special treat. About that free entrance though: you will need to obtain your free ticket to the event at Riddarfjärdsteatern’s ticket office at the Münchenbryggeriet. Free tickets will be released starting at 16:00.

Unga Klara: Boxing, Beyonce and Limbo

No evening of culture would be complete without thespians, and Unga Klara – a theater company with a focus on youth – has two dynamic shows on the Kulturnatt bill: Maria Nohra‘s “My Mother’s Daughter”, a monologue about growing up with a mother who breaks all of Sweden’s unwritten rules, and Sara Khaledi‘s “Welcome to Limbo”, which explores the multiplicity of racial and cultural identities in Sweden and how they are seen and experienced. “My Mother’s Daughter” starts at 19:00 and “Welcome to Limbo” starts at 21:00, and Beridarbansgatan 5 is where you need to be to check them out – so don’t be late!

Nadia Nair - Photo: Nina Uddin
Nadia Nair – Photo: Nina Uddin

Stockholm Love with Choco Canel and live music

If you are a fan of popular music, the Stockholm Visitor Center at Kulturhuset offers a very interesting spread of musical talent for the evening, including live sets by four young Stockholm-based musicians: Anton Essinger (19.00), Nadia Nair (20.00), Adora Eye (21.00) and Clara-Corina (22.00). If you ask us, we can’t get enough of Nadia Nair, so if you’re going to see just one musical artist this evening, make it her. In between sets and for the rest of the evening you can enjoy lovely rhythms and beats chosen by one of the most influential DJs and club organisers in town, the lovely miss Choco Canel.

A Finntastic Evening at the Finnish Institute

The Finnish Institute (at Snickarbacken 2-4) has put together a whole evening of diverse programme including everything from Sweden-Finnish theatre to a Monokini exhibit with swimwear for breast cancer survivors. You can also dance the night away to 1950s style music when the dance club opens at 19.00 or hear the fragile and beautiful songs of Stockholm-based Finland-Swedish singer-songwriter Frida Andersson at 20.00. The distinctively Finnish and musically eclectic band Pietarin Spektaakkeli takes the stage at 22.00. Their music combines everything from rap to blues to garage rock and reggae, and they are sure to get your feet moving.

Culture Night at the Indian Ambassador’s Residence

The Indian Ambassador opens her residence at Villagatan 13A in Östermalm for the evening. It used to be the luxurious flat of famed Swedish industrialist Ivar Kreuger, also known as the Match King. Currently the interior mixes Swedish architecture with Indian art, handicrafts and furniture. On this evening you can expect true Indian hospitality as well as Indian dance, music and movies. The residence is open to public from 18.00 to 24.00.





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