14 Jul 2024
Taking Differences to the Stage: International Theater
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Taking Differences to the Stage: International Theater

Are you ready to let go of all that new-found Swedish reserve and just go for it? Stockholm has a new international theatre with shows, classes, corporate workshops. The best part? It’s all in English.

IT’S, International Theater Stockholm, offers shows, classes and corporate workshops in English. they aim to provide an open and international environment, welcoming performers, teachers, students and others from different countries, theaters and backgrounds.

“Moving to Stockholm was really hard in many ways. It is a challenge to assimilate into a new culture without losing your own voice, who you are. International Theater Stockholm provides a space people to come together and express themselves and develop not just as performers, but as people, ” says artistic director Josh Lenn.

IT’S strives to put on shows that not only entertain, but also move people. As a part of the international community in Stockholm they want to bring people together and take on challenging issues through theater.

photo 2-7This fall IT’S will produce the hit improv show Lost in Translation, which has been playing for full houses for the last two years. It is an improvised comedy about finding yourself in Sweden. The actors portray Swedes and foreigners and put our cultural differences on stage in an entertaining way where we cannot only laugh at them, but hopefully learn from them as well. This hilarious show is completely improvised and driven by audience suggestion. The audiences have been extremely diverse hosting people from 15 to 25 different countries every show. The show will be playing at Boulevardteatern, in the heart of Södermalm, eight Fridays this fall at  8pm, premiering September 5th.

Right now the  International Theater Stockholm’s focus is on improvised theater.

“Improv is an art form that fundamentally unites people. Our classes are made up of people from all over the world. With improv as our common language we are able to knock down cultural barriers and grow together,” says Lenn.

IT’S invites you to join this open and vibrant community. In addition to the main stage shows, there will be many other events to attend.

For more information check out their website. Lost in Translation tickets can be purchased here or at Boulevardteatern’s box office on Götgatan 73 in Stockholm

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