17 Apr 2024
Writers’ houses you should visit in Stockholm
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Writers’ houses you should visit in Stockholm

If you are new to Stockholm or a local person who has been in a search of captivating places, this guide is for you. There are plenty of writers’ houses, where famous masters stayed and had a tranquil retreat. This is where popular publishings were made and published afterward. So, those who have an extreme urge to immerse into the world of writing are welcome to visit these destinations.

The Writers’ House at Drottninggatan 88C, Stockholm

We will set off from a tiny writers’ guest room that usually hosts foreign writers and translators from abroad. The house offers three single rooms in a flat situated in the very heart of Stockholm. They are plainly equipped with the standard pieces of furniture and appliances.

Moreover, the viewpoint of the presented rooms demonstrates the gorgeous courtyards of the city.


The location is just amazing for those traveling on a shoestring because you can walk straight to the Old Town on pedestrian areas. Also, visit the National Library, City Library, and other well-known publishers’ places and cultural institutions. Or, when too bored of writing, you can check out the capital’s theatres and museums within short walking distance.


In addition, if you book in advance, special room arrangements can be done to guarantee your comfort and rest. The Writers’ House gives a priority to foreign visitors. So, if you think you are a good fit for this description, we recommend that you stay there for a couple of weeks.

Stockholm Writers Cabin

Next, if you are aiming to escape a busy pace of life for some days and chill out, Stockholm Writers Cabin is, probably, the most obvious place to pick. This petite house is everywhere on Pinterest. Hands down, its cuteness and style leave nothing to be desired.


On one hand, it is not distant from the city and, on the other hand, it is a sort of getaway from everything. Indeed, you can enjoy exploring the co-shared areas with tennis courts, football fields, a little beach, a jump tower and ice-skating park.


Apparently, you might feel like resting more than spending days of your holiday along with papers there. Luckily, you have a heap of custom writing services, such as Online Writers Rating for that reason. Meaning that you can still have your writings done throughout a trip to Sweden.


Yet, when it comes to personal space, it is more minimalistic. This writers’ cabin is a small cottage with a minimum of things inside. Moreover, there are no food stores nearby so you have to grab food before arrival. But isn’t it something that every publisher, writer, or translator wants? Silence, tranquility, and modesty of the guest place. After all, we come there to reunite with nature and ourselves. So, what can sound better than an off-the-beaten-path area with the minimum of civilization and the maximum of Mother Nature? Visit it to stop wondering.


Astrid Lindgren’s apartment

Astrid Lindgren at Dalagatan 46, Stockholm

However, this is not the last treasure we have found for you. This estate is ideal to find some inspiration, passions, and feel the presence of the writing spirit. This is where the prominent Swedish author spent her evenings writing about beloved figures Pippi Longstocking and Karlsson on the roof. If you want to discover the legendary flat that keeps its written stories inside its walls, you’d better choose this one.


This location has a typical interior of the time when Astrid Lindgren was still alive. The whole atmosphere is very restful and cozy that everyone feels like they are home when resting there. This sweet little spot is suitable for remote writing work or producing incredible literature in real-time.


Also, for those who are just visiting Sweden for a short period, you can order a guided tour of the home. This is a wonderful opportunity to open one page of the Swedish author’s life history. Reservation and tickets can be booked online.

August Strindberg at Drottninggatan 85, Stockholm

This quaint and comfortable room has turned into the famous Strindberg museum that gathers visits of pen and paper lovers from all over the world. It used to be a home and library with more than 3,000 works, where August Strindberg spent the last years of his life, as an author.


Thankfully for the mavericks, most of the furniture from Strindberg’s apartment is original, while wallpaper and textiles are more like prototypes. His house design was a kind of scene from his own drama. Where all the colors, elements of interior and appliances matched his insights into what a home of a craftsman looks like.


This reconstructed private home is an entire reflection of Strindberg’s thoughts and preferences about art. They still engage. So, for all the culture vultures passionate about it, the exhibitions and programs devoted to him are presented in this house. “Come and rejoice with me in my Green Tower at the height of Drottninggatan!”.



All of these tranquil places are obviously not the end of the list of most preferable locations in Stockholm. However, we firmly believe one of them could touch your heart and pique interest more than the other.



Guest writer: Frank Hamilton

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