24 Jul 2024
Stockholm Reads: Study English through Literature
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Stockholm Reads: Study English through Literature

Looking to challenge and improve your English skills in a fun, social setting? Well look no further! This autumn, sign up for English Literature in Stockholm!

The concept behind the class is simple: once you have the basics of the language in hand, what better way to take it to the next level than by studying and falling in love with English through her glorious literature?!

Each class (which runs twice a week for five weeks) we will read together a novel or a play, discussing the meaning, absorbing the phrasing and learning any new vocabulary or points of grammar that it introduces. We will get through an entire novel every five weeks, so be prepared to read a few chapters in between classes!

We will read books hundreds of years old and hot off the presses; ricochet through genre and pace and style; cuddle up with cosy mysteries, swoon at classic romances and be chilled by dystopian fantasies.

There will be both intermediate and advanced classes available, with books set to the approximate reading level of the class. Fluent or even native English speakers are welcome to the advanced classes to simply study and appreciate a classic. You sign up for one class at a time, though there’s a new book for each class so you can always continue right along with the others!

Check out the website for more details, or to sign up for the next class!

Featured Image: Abhi Sharma

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