19 Apr 2024
Art Exhibitions In Stockholm – Natalia Edenmont
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Art Exhibitions In Stockholm – Natalia Edenmont

Wetterling Gallery – Natalia Edenmont – Eternal Seduction – May 19 to August 06, 2022 – Kungsträdgården 3 –

Probing and provocative, the elaborately staged photographs of Natalia Edenmont explore fundamental themes such as birth, death, womanhood, sex, beauty, and decay. Nature is an important source of inspiration, both as a starting point for her artistic process as well as a source of working materials. Wetterling Gallery is one of the leading galleries for contemporary art in Scandinavia, with a dynamic program of both highly internationally acclaimed artists, and young upcoming artists from Sweden.

ABOUT the artistABOUT the exhibitionABOUT the gallery, in order to read these paragraphs and see the entire collection of photographs, click on the link below.


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