18 May 2024
Stockholm Bachelor: Top Five Party Ideas

Stockholm Bachelor: Top Five Party Ideas

With stag-dos or svensexas dating back to the ancient Spartans, YLC decided to jazz up this old shindig with new additions to make this night/weekend of freedom more about fun and bromance than hang overs and NSFW pictures. Mix and match to create the ultimate bro-tastic bachelor weekend in Stockholm. You’re welcome.



Kayak Weekend

Fancy yourselves modern day Thor Heyerdahl? Explore the archipelago by sea kayak, camp on any of the 24,000 islands and spend nights cooking over a campfire in true primal form. If you’re less like Bear Grylls, go on a guided trips instead. Horizont Kajak  do the navigating; you and the boys just sit back and paddle.

Damage: Single kayak  900 – 1590 SEK/Tandem kayak 1300 – 1890 SEK. Guided tour 5490 SEK, minimum 2 people


High Ropes Obstacle Course

Extreme tree climbing with Äventyrsbanan! Enter your fear zone and balance on wires, beams and poles 18m up in the trees with only a wire attached. There’s nothing to hold and the only way down is free falling through the air. Soar at 50kmph on a 150m long Flying Fox or attempt their most psychologically wrecking obstacle – leap from a tiny platform to grab The Trapeze hanging in mid air.

Damage: From 500 SEK/ person, minimum 5 people.



Close shave

With the recent buzz about peak beard and beard booms, facial hair is truly back in fashion. Treat the crew to an old fashioned shave/shape at Barber & Books. They offer beard shaping, to razor shaves, hot towels and a scalp massages. With names like Mr Classic Beard, Sugar Hill Cut Throat Shave and Old English Seven how can you resist?

Damage: 760 – 1460 SEK, 60 – 120 minutes



The groom might hate you, but what’s a stag-do without mischief. Book him for a session of manscaping – yes, that’s Brazilian waxing the crown jewels and butt. Fall over laughing as he screeches in pain. His bride-to-be might actually thank you for it!

Damage: Bachelor packages 1195 – 1295SEK. Styling by Brazil or Wax Brazil



Pole Dancing 

You heard me! Pole dancing is the legit way to a six pack and buff biceps. Much harder than the ladies make it look, book a 60-minute class and compare upper body strength with your instructor at North Pole Studio. She WILL beat you hands down. It’s guaranteed a good laugh and lampposts will never look the same again. G-strings not required.

Damage: 1500 SEK /1-6 people, 2000 SEK/7-14 people



Play out scenes from “Black Hawk Down” as you scramble past tanks, helicopters and bridges to your fort in the vast outdoor arena. Take your enemy down with semi-automatic paintball guns and don’t get shot. You even get combat fatigues! Minimum 8 people. 

Damage: 200SEK/person, 60 – 90 minutes


Knife Making 

Earn true Viking status and craft your own knife from scratch! The Stockholm Knife Association guides you through material selection to final creation of your very own blade and sheath.  You’ll have access to band saws, pillar drills, grinders and all kinds of manly power tools. Just don’t show up drunk unless you want to go home sans fingers.

Damage:  1600 SEK + 300-400 SEK material costs. Four days over two weekends, 09:00 – 16:00


Whisky Tasting 

Cement your Renaissance man status by whisky tasting with expert Mike Nilsson. You’ll get to sniff and swirl a selection of malts from exclusive Scottish vaults, Akkurat’s own huge collection to vintages from places you didn’t even think produced this brown “water of life”. They even have a stash of Ardbeg 1897 – if you can afford it at 1800 SEK per cl. Choose from 18 different tasting menus grouped roughly by region. Minimum 10, maximum 16.

Damage:  410 – 690 SEK/person OR 280 SEK/person without expert 
Brew Your Own 

What’s better than booze? The kind you’ve made yourself. Monks’ master brewers guide you through the whole process from hop selection to flavour profile. They even barrel age your creation! After a few weeks, come back with your boys and they’ll plug in a tap and pull you a fresh one for your meal. You get 9 litres per person, minimum 7 seven people.

Damage: Private course 2375 SEK /person OR Open course 1575 SEK/person


Champagne, Cigars, Cocktails & Charcuterie

Take a trip to old world Paris at Bistro Jarl and dine like the gentleman of French noir films.  Classics like oysters on the half shell, charcuterie plates, steak tartare and perfect crème brûlée can be followed up by one of 30 varieties of champagne. They take cocktails seriously and serve up a selection of inspired drinks with names like the Hemingway Daiquiri and Liquid Cocaine. End your night by puffing one of their vintage cigars while their in house DJ’s spin a few decks. Book ahead, this place is hot property.

Damage: Mains 195 – 325 SEK, Champagne 145 – 180 SEK/glass, 750 – 4750SEK/bottle, Cocktails 130 – 150 SEK/5cl, Cigars 20 – 250 SEK



Something for every kind of man, end the stag-do with a obligatory visit to a club of choice

Pet Sounds Bar Indie, soul, pop and DJ evenings

Marie Laveau Thumping beats and American food

Spy Bar Rockstars, writers and intellectuals. Über cool.

Ice Bar Frozen bar stools and vodka.

White Room Lounge bar open till 5am.

Debaser Medis Rock concerts and headbanging.

Sturecompagniet Ballroom and chandeliers. Multiple dance floors.

Laroy Nouveau rich, people watching and ridiculously priced champagne.


Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do! 🙂


Featured Image: David Arvidsson/Flickr (file)

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