22 Apr 2024
YLC Picks: Top 10 Stockholm Tourist Apps
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YLC Picks: Top 10 Stockholm Tourist Apps

Whether you’re a tourist or a local wanting to discover more of YOUR living city – we bring you YLC’s top ten apps for enjoying Stockholm.

Apps are now part of our everyday life. When going abroad, you can now use a number of apps to save money when planning your trip, find secret spots only known to locals, avoid bringing a heavy travel guide and easily overcome issues like currency conversion and language barriers. We have picked out the apps we think will come in handy both for tourists and for Stockholmers curious to experience their city in a new way.

1. The Travel Book by Lonely Planet

Actually this is more than an app: one of the most-loved travel guidebook publishers has now made available this comprehensive app/book available wherever you are. On top of the usual witty texts you will find stunning photographs and videos for every country of world along with key facts and interactive maps. A must-have for every travel lover!

Damage: SEK 65.34
Devices: iPad, Android, Nokia

2. Phaidon – Wallpaper City Guides

Wallpaper City Guides by Phaidon are probably the most artsy and trendy travel guides available on the market. Their core feature is the beautiful photos and the coolest tips for sightseeing, restaurants, shopping and clubbing. The app is especially designed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad’s retina displays to give you the best visual experience. Stockholm is of course one of the many cities available for download.

Price: SEK 19.55
Devices: iOS

3. TripAdvisor

Every traveller has sooner or later checked TripAdvisor for tips regarding hotels, museums or the easiest way to travel from the airport to the city centre. All the tips can now be easily reached through the app  or why not download the free offline City Guides, extremely convenient while abroad. It’s also possible to create a personalized travel journal with the attractions you want to visit. Clever indeed.

Price: Free
Devices: iOS, Android, Nokia, Windows (City Guides only available for iOS and Android)

4. Postagram

Postagram is one of our favourite apps here at Your Living City. The idea behind it is simple: take photos with your mobile phone and send them as real postcards. Getting started with Postagram is easy: it is enough to download the app, taking a picture and writing your desired text. Add the recipient address and you are ready to send your personalized postcard, which will arrive in form of a real postcard in a few days.

Price: the app is free but you have to purchase a credit package (the smaller one is SEK 64.74 for 10 postcards). Devices: iOS, Android

5. Skyscanner

It doesn’t matter whether you are a frequent flyer or not,  once you have tried Skyscanner you can’t imagine life without it. In a few seconds Skyscanner will find the cheapest flights for your desired destination and it will let you filter the results by time, airline or price. This is a great app for tourists with an eye on the budget.

Price: free
Devices: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows

6. XE Currency App

Getting used to a different currency is always a bit tricky in the beginning. The XE Currency app comes to your rescue helping you with conversion from Swedish kronor into the currencies you are the most familiar with. The converter features live rates making your shopping experience in Stockholm smoother and easier.

Price: Free
Devices: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows

7. Google Translate

Let’s face it: Swedish might not be the easiest language to pick up. Even if most Stockholmers speak next to perfect English, the Google Translate app will come in handy in a number of situations, from quickly translating a word in the train station to buying groceries at the supermarket.

Price: Free
Devices: iOS, Android

8. Free Wi-Fi Finder

Of course all these apps are nice to have, but the main problem when you are abroad is that the roaming prices are usaually very high and many apps need an Internet connection to run. Luckily, the Free Wi-Fi Finder app helps you locate the closest hotspots so that you can surf the net and use all your apps without spending a lot of money.

Price: Free
Devices: iOS, Android

9. Airbnb

We all know that Stockholm can be a quite expensive city. If you want to save money on hotels and having a closer contact with the locals, a room in a bed and breakfast is the way to go. Airbnb is the leading website for this type of experience and their app helps you staying in touch with your host on arrival and departure, finding a last-minute bed for the night or see the best way to get to your host’s place.

Price: Free
Devices: iOS, Android

10. Spotted by Locals

Spotted by Locals is a little gem when it comes to giving tips regarding the best coffee in town or the best place where to get an ice cream. Besides having access to all the tips from your computer, you can now have them handy on your mobile phone as apps. Once you have downloaded the city guide it will be totally available offline and it will always stay updated with no extra costs.

Price: Free
Devices: iOS, Android

 Bonus: Public Toilets in Stockholm

We know, we said ten. But then we stumbled across what is potentially the most amazing app ever for tourists in Stockholm. Yes, the toilet app. Not only does the app show you the locations of public toilets in Stockholm, it also marks them blue if you have to pay and green if they’re free. When you’re touring Stockholm with the kids and trying to see as much as possible, a lot of money goes down the toilet. (Pun intended.) So this function is essential! This version is for Android but there’s a similar app on the Apple Store called HittaToaLätt – it’s punny.

Damage: Free
Device: iOS, Android


Featured Image: Derek Mindler/Flickr


  • Chantel 13 Jun 2013

    I like the taxi kurir app. It allows you to book taxis free of mispronunciation and gives you a fixed price for your cab journey.

    • Rebecca 13 Jun 2013

      Thanks for the tip, Chantel! That sounds very useful!

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