24 Jul 2024
Recipe of the week: Kladdkaka (Gooey Cake)
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Recipe of the week: Kladdkaka (Gooey Cake)

Just the name of this dessert brings anticipation of dollops of delicious, rich, chocolatey mess – and it does not disappoint! To finish our Swedish recipe month strongly – YLC brings you Kladdkaka, or Gooey Cake.


“If you were the only cake in the world, and I was the only…” Oh, wow, this is a finale indeed – the last Swedish recipe of the month is a cake that you will find in every single café in Stockholm, I should think. Heck, in Gamla Stan they’ve even named a café after it.

Closely related to the American brownie or the mud cake – the Swedish kladdkaka is a thing of beauty – known and loved by the majority of Swedes– and there are scores and scores of recipes. This recipe is a hybrid of all the different ones I have used over the years – and I think it is both easy to make (fail-safe almost) and delicious.

British celebrity chef Nigella once said about one of her cakes that it would serve six guests – or alternatively one person with a broken heart – and that is true about this cake as well!


What you need:

100g butter

3 dl sugar

2 eggs

2 teaspoons vanilla sugar

5 tablespoons of cocoa powder

1.5 dl flour

a pinch of salt

breadcrumbs for the cake tin

icing sugar for decoration

cream or ice cream


What to do:

Heat oven to 175 degrees.

Melt the butter on moderate heat. Whisk eggs and sugar until white and frothy. Add all the dry ingredients and the butter and mix well. Butter a cake tin and dust the buttered surface with the dry breadcrumbs until covered. Add cake batter to the tin, making it as even as possible. Bake for 30 minutes.

Centre should still be gooey when you take it out. Let cool, then powder with icing sugar and serve with dollops of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream!




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