18 May 2024
Postcards from Christmas
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Postcards from Christmas

Christmas is finally around the corner. Usually at this time of the year there’s snow outside, it’s cold and dark… Unfortunately this year we’ve just had the darkness and the cold, so it’s time to bring out all the ornaments, candles and lights to brighten up our time in the dark.

For my Christmas decoration I have followed my environmentally-friendly thinking and the idea of consuming / buying as little as possible. So I decorated with ornaments that I already had at home from previous years, and I reused my living room cushions by just replacing the covers with the colours I had decided for my seasonal decoration colour base.

So l will start with some tips for getting the perfect Christmas three, in the easiest possible way. The more lights you use the better, so I started from the bottom up, with 3 series of lights, to create some depth. I placed the lights in zigzag patterns from the tip of the branch towards the trunk, and then added some extra lights that are like ornaments in the shape of candles. They really are helpful for those dark spots on the three.

Like I said, my ornaments are from previous years and I noticed that the colours were red, gold and silver. I also had many Santas or “tomtes” so I resolved to keep those three colours and followed the pattern in my decoration, not just in the three but in everything else in the room.

I decided to keep the three very simple, not having too over-the-top decorations, but more traditional instead. In my personal opinion, this looks much prettier and more elegant, when you actually can see that the tree is a tree and not an explosion of artificiality. I had picked the ornaments for the tree before very carefully, and they are very different from each other, but in some way they match gracefully.

I have to admit that i did buy one single item for the final touch of my decoration, following the pattern of Santas. I had found this huge Santa, which perfectly filled the corner of the living room and together with the rest of the decorations, it made a beautiful, cosy and perfect place to spend the time with the family.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Photos by: Karen Pérez Guzmán

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