18 May 2024
The List: Top 5 Co-Working Spaces in Stockholm

The List: Top 5 Co-Working Spaces in Stockholm

Working as a freelancer in Sweden? Feeling lonely? Boy, have we got the list for you! YLC’s Danny Chapman gives us the lowdown on the top five places to find likeminded professionals and join their network!

Co-working spaces offer self-employed expats in Stockholm a way to make essential contacts, and perhaps more importantly, friends. Tenants or members get exposure to new networks and people working in all manner of sectors that they can learn and share from, as well as find new contacts and potential customers.

This is especially useful for start up businesses, and of course even more so for expats. Apart from sitting together and meeting in the kitchen areas, tenants at co-working spaces are introduced to each other by the organisers, who also often run formal and informal events such as business seminars, visits from outside inspirational talkers and social events such as rock climbing or lunchtime walks. These spaces can be anything from specific spots in a coffee shop to a more formal office where rooms or individual desks are rented out.

Stop feeling lonely and disconnected – check out these spaces in Stockholm:


 The Impact Hub

The hub houses some 120 different tenants in its converted warehouse space in Östermalm. Part of an international network of “hubs” with 40 offices worldwide.

The Entrepreneurs Church (Entreprenörskyrkan)

Housed, as its name suggests, in a converted church in Vasastan.

 The Park

Located centrally at Sveavägen The Park offers a hotel, business network and conference center all in one. Here you can rent temporary or permanent office seats.

 The Colony (Kolonien)

An office space near Telefonplan for freelancers and companies with both temporary and permanent needs.


A combined café and workspace in Södermalm, with two meeting rooms that can be rented by the hour.


Although our list is Stockholm specific, co-working spaces can be found across Sweden. To find out where there is one near you  click here


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  • Marc tondi 22 May 2015

    Hello, we are executives of the company LEROY MERLIN , in France , we work trip and we are looking for a meeting room that can accommodate 18 people for 4 Thursday all day and Friday, June 5 until about 13h .
    thank you for giving me your rates and your address .
    Marc TONDI

  • Thanks for a great post Danny! Co-working spaces are becoming more and more popular and relevant for businesses. We also think that this can be an alternative that many companies overlook and therefore updated about the same information as you present in you article in a blog post. Hopefully it can help someone looking for a co-working space in Stockholm and feel free to update with inspiration from our post. It’s in Swedish but I suspect that’s not a problem? 🙂

    You can find it here: http://objektia.se/blog/c-alternativa+kontor/hyra+plats+pa+ett+coworkingspace+i+stockholm~1

    Hope to hear from you!
    //Alexander, Co-founder at Objektia

  • Coworking spaces is not only about work, it also about atmosphere. It is good news that there is a wide range of such places, people have a good choice. And the number of coworking places is growing from year to year.
    We at MatchOffice Sweden also help people to find coworking spaces and other types of offices.

  • Hive Workspace 16 Dec 2019

    Coworking Space has evolved into inspiring, creative spaces which promote productivity and networking. Now, there are hundreds of coworking spaces, shared offices and meeting rooms for rent mushrooming in and around Sweden. While not each one makes the cut for ‘the best coworking space’, there are more than a couple of noteworthy ones that you’ve missed out on this list.
    I guess you could have at least included some which are operating in multiple locations. For instance, Hive Workspace is providing calm, creativity-inspiring coworking spaces in three primary locations in Sweden now: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Örebro.
    In any case, this is a good effort and I hope more and more people start using coworking spaces now and reap the benefits they offer.


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