17 Jul 2024
A Decade of Philanthropy Celebrated in Grand Style at the Royal Opera House
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A Decade of Philanthropy Celebrated in Grand Style at the Royal Opera House

The International Philanthropic Society (IPS) marked a remarkable milestone with its 10th Anniversary Fundraising Lunch, held at the illustrious Golden Foyer of the Royal Opera House on Wednesday, October 4, 2023. This star-studded event was not only a celebration of IPS’s decade-long commitment to philanthropy but also an occasion to raise vital funds for the benefit of vulnerable children.

The event, hosted by Mrs Kanthi Beck, in a semi-formal ambiance, brought together a diverse and influential group of philanthropists, artists, and well-wishers. Attendees came dressed to impress, and the atmosphere was nothing short of electric.

One of the highlights of the event was an exclusive auction, conducted by the renowned Ms. Victoria Svederberg of Stockholms Auktionsverk. The auction featured a range of enticing items donated by IPS supporters and partners, each contributing to the cause of helping children in need.

HATT et SÖNER’s Exclusive Champagne Experience

One of the most sought-after auction items was the chance to create a personal vintage champagne with HATT et SÖNER. The winning bidder and a guest will embark on a unique journey into the world of champagne, working closely with HATT et SÖNER’s experts to craft 30 bottles of their own bespoke champagne. From selecting grape juice to defining the style of the champagne and even designing the label, this experience promises to be a champagne lover’s dream come true.

Travel Getaways Galore

The auction also featured an array of luxurious travel experiences. Two nights at Marbella Club Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa, offered a deluxe escape to the winner, while another lucky bidder secured two nights at Puente Romano Hotel, both in stunning Marbella, Spain. For those looking for an exotic escape, a two-night stay at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel and another at One&Only Portonovi, Montenegro, were also up for grabs.

Fine Dining and Luxury Living

Food and luxury enthusiasts had plenty to be excited about as well. A voucher to dine at the acclaimed Red Sky restaurant at Centara Grand Bangkok Hotel made its way into the auction. Additionally, a voucher for a Featherbed Luxe–Mattress from The Sleep Revolution, offering the ultimate in comfort and luxury, was another prized item.

Artistic Treasures and Crystal Elegance

The auction showcased artistic gems too. Svenskt Tenn’s Candle Holder – “The Knot of Friendship,” designed by Josef Frank, and a Swarovski Water Carafe added elegance to the list of offerings.

IPS expressed their deepest gratitude to all donors and partners for their generosity. The event’s success wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of individuals and organizations alike.

Special thanks to
Mr Fredrik Lindgren – ROH – CEO / Mrs Cecilia Canemyr – Filantropi & Partnerskap ROH / Select Collection – Mrs Leija Graf – CEO / Hatt et Söner Champagne House – Mr Kristofer Ruscon – CEO / Mr Jonathan Rex, H et S / The Royal Thai Embassy & Tourism Authority of Thailand / The Austrian Embassy / The Egyptian Embassy / Sleep Revolution – Mrs Giselle Valle – CEO / Svenskt Tenn / Ms Victoria Svederberg, Auktionsverket / Jeremy Carpenter – Baryton / James Duddle – Pianist / Mrs Anna Eklund Tarantino –Soprano / Mr Jacob Moscoviz (Mr Pix ) – Pianist / Ms Charlotte Huldt Ramberg – Opera singer / Mr Mikael Silkeberg – Photographer/filmmaker & Mr Peter Johansson – CEO Cawa Media / Mrs Larisa Johansson, Photographer and editor at Cawa Media

As the curtains fell on this remarkable day, IPS celebrated not only a decade of giving but also the promise of a brighter future for countless vulnerable children. With the funds raised at the 10th Anniversary Fundraising Lunch, IPS continues to make a profound impact on the lives of those who need it the most.

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