22 May 2024
Five Great Weekend Getaways near Stockholm
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Five Great Weekend Getaways near Stockholm

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Pack your overnight bag and get ready for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city! Here’s our favourite getaways near Stockholm!


Few would argue that Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world –  but even the most dedicated city-dweller sometimes needs to get away from it all, even if just for a few days. Hence, here is OUR list of the best – all within easy reach of the capital.  


1. Möja 


This little island gem smack dab in the middle of the Stockhom archipelago will afford you a true getaway. Just over an hour’s ferry ride from Stockholm a weekend on Möja is all about a peaceful idyll. Bring your bike (or rent one at the dock) and explore the winding dirt roads, stopping off for hikes or climbing along the rocky coast. One of the finest fish restaurants in all of Sweden, Wikström’s Fisk, is located on the island and if you don’t take a chance to try this treasure you’ll kick yourself the entire ferry trip back to Stockholm.  Overnight accommodations include a B&B, a hostel and rented cabins.  The ferry schedule changes with the season so do check ahead.


2. Åland


If you want to go a bit further afield into the island then Åland is a perfect retreat – and it offers quite a bit more than Möja in terms of food, fun and accommodation.  There is a thriving year-round community and plenty of places to stay but there are also more secluded areas which also offer accommodation, so you’re a bit spoiled for choice depending on what you’re in the mood for.  There are more than 40 restaurants scattered across Åland, featuring everything from your basic Swedish pizza to more high end and elegant dining.  Winter is a fantastic time to visit Åland and avoid the heaving summer crowds and you won’t lack for things to do, as winter activities are in abundance.  There are a number of transport choices to Åland, including the ferry from Stockholm or hopping off one of the larger cruise ships that stop there. You can also fly or bring your own car over, although there are plenty of ways to get around Åland without one – or you can rent a car while you’re there.


3. Trosa 


Just 70 km south of Stockholm Trosa is known in Sweden as World’s End. This is one for history buffs as well as lovers and friends. Given official ‘township’ status by King Karl IX in 1610 the town has been invaded, burned, rebuilt and has somehow not only survived but has thrived. Trosa offers a plethora of activities at any time of the year.  Although relatively small Trosa boasts a wide variety of restaurants and cafés and plenty of places to stay, with everything from B&Bs to hotels, private rentals and cabins. Getting to Trosa is easy with the Trosabus, which travels between Stockholm and Trosa multiple times daily.  You can also drive – the trip takes just over an hour, depending on traffic. 



4. Visby


Gotland is the largest island in the Baltic Sea and Visby is the heartbeat of the island.  There are several ways to get to Visby; you can take the ferry or you can fly.  A flight is faster but then you’d miss out on the fun of the ferry trip, which affords you the opportunity to really unwind while enjoying gorgeous views of the sea as you travel.  You’re spoiled for choice as far as places to stay in Visby, with fine hotels, more humble hostels, camping, cabins, B&Bs and pretty much anything else that might suit your fancy.  And things to do? What isn’t there to do in Visby and the surrounding island?  This is a trip to really plan because there are events, outdoor activities, museums…you want it and you’re probably going to find it. Dining options run from the most basic burger joint to a top of the line starred restaurant and everything in between.  Gotland is a farming island so freshness is the name of the game.


5. Grand Hotel Stockholm, Princess Lilian Suite


Sometimes the best weekend getaway means getting away in your own backyard.  And in Stockholm, you don’t need to go far in order to take a break. One of the most expensive hotel suites in the world, the Princess Lilian Suite, has everything you’d want for a few days of luxurious bliss. Sitting room? Check. Dining room? Check. Bathroom bigger than your flat? Check. Movie theatre? Check. Sauna? Check.  Personal service staff, round the clock limo service, VIP treatment like you’ve never experienced before? Check, check, check. All 300+ square meters of this suite are pure luxury and worth the price of admission … if you’ve got it.  Inquiries on availability and price of the Princess Lilian Suite should be directed to the Grand Hotel but I can attest, from personally having attended an event in the suite, that it is an experience not to be missed. And if you can’t quite swing the entry fee to the suite, the Grand does have plenty of other rooms that might be more within your price range, along with fantastic restaurants, a great bar and excellent room service – all of which means you never have to leave your little bubble of bliss.

Telephone: + 46 (8) – 679 35 60

E-mail: [email protected]


Have you any suggestions for great weekend getaways? Please do tell us in the comments below!



Judi Lembke

Judi Lembke is an editor and writer who, when not shackled to her computer, enjoys reading, cooking and sometimes watching embarrassingly bad reality TV.   Judi also works with communications and thinks coming up with clever ideas is about as much fun as one can have without taking off one’s clothes.


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