14 Jul 2024
What to buy a man for Christmas
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What to buy a man for Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found it difficult to buy things for the men in my life (well, except the 19 month old – he’s happy with a stick). Techno-loving Conor Boyd has come to my rescue with his top 10 gifts, which he thinks should satisfy anyone who’s into gadgets, male or female. 


1. Aerial reconnaissance

Take to the skies flying your own drone from the comfort of your iPad or iPhone. The best part? You get to see all of the action live. Parrot also provides virtual games to complete with the drone when you get bored of scaring the neighbors cat.

2. Even the pistons move!

I get it ladies, sometimes you just need some peace and quiet in the house. Well, if such is your need, this monster LEGO kit is the answer to your prayers. Depending on your partner’s mechanical ability, this bad boy can give you a clear 5-8 hours of almost silence. Warning: not for those men with a lack of patience; then all you will get is 5-8 hours of swearing.

3. That’s a keeper

The next best thing to having a new adventure is reliving an old one. Capture your supersonic ski run or mountain bike madness in glorious HD with the new GoPro Hero 3. Worst case, you will have a candidate for Funniest Home Videos.

4. Winding down with surround

After a hectic day there is nothing better than winding down with some soothing music. Stop faffing with wires and just pick up this little beauty, steal your spot and sit back. As long as it is in bluetooth or wifi range, you’re good to go.

5. Silence!

We all know the phrase ‘silence is golden’. In the modern world, it’s about as rare and expensive to reproduce too. These headphones cut out the crowd and are the perfect solution for anyone from the flying salesman to the jaded city commuter. Just don’t be lulled to sleep and miss your stop!

6. Phablet

Is it a phone or a tablet? We shall let you decide. One thing is for sure – it’s mighty capable at both if you don’t mind a little extra bulk.

7. TV be gone

Lets face it network TV is on the decline. Good as they are there’s only so often I can watch infinite Simpsons or Family Guy reruns. Combine this little beauty with a good VPN and you can be enjoying streaming video from all across the globe. The best thing is that you won’t get locked into Apple or Google specific options and enjoy a thriving developer scene.


8. Time for a brew

When it comes to coffee there are few ways to make a cup of bean juice that will be as interesting as this one. What goes up…

9. Keep it safe, keep it close

The worst thing about USB keys is finding them when you absolutely need to; for some reason, they seem magnetically drawn to the far reaches of your bag. Add this good looking chunk of metal to your keys and your problems will be solved.

10. Is that the time?

Too busy drinking awesome wakey juice and watching your Roku? Harness the power of your phone in a wristwatch. Useful for remembering everything from the milk to figuring out how fast you cycled to the chippie. Currently in pre-order only but guaranteed to be worth the wait.


Article by Conor Boyd
Photo Credit: starstreak007


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