25 Jul 2024
For The Love Of Wine In Stockholm
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For The Love Of Wine In Stockholm

Euripides famously said that “Where there is no wine, there is no love.” Never a truer word spoken. Stockholm has some great places to go on a date, where you can sample everything from a dark and stormy Merlot, to a tangy and fresh Sauvignon Blanc. These wine bars are unique and intimate. You don’t need to be a wine buff, the sommeliers are there to help you choose something perfect to your tastes.


Babbette (Roslagsgatan 6 Stockholm) is a simple pizza restaurant, serving delicious treats in the front room. And although the food is extremely popular, it is the wine that is the real star – this is why there is one chef, but three sommeliers. There are at least 100 bottles to choose from, and 20-25 different wines available to try by the glass. They pride themselves on having a regular rotation, so that there is always something new for customers to try. It is the ideal place to go on a first date, intimate, interesting, not too expensive and completely genuine. This is no chain restaurant, it’s a unique place to enjoy a beautiful glass of wine.

Hornstulls Bodega

A bodega is the Spanish name for a storehouse where you keep wine. Hornstulls Bodega (Hornsbruksgatan 24 117 34) specialises solely in European wine, and offers a range that is constantly changing. It is a great place for a fun date night, as it’s open until 2 am at weekends, with plenty of live music and DJs. The wines are matched with small bites and charcuterie, and the tables are cosy and candlelit and intimate. There is often quite an artistic and hipster crowd, and the atmosphere is really laid-back.

Eriks Vinbaren

Want to show off to your date a little? Take them to the very traditional Eriks Vinbaren (Stadsgården 6, Stockholm). There are more than 50 wines by the glass to choose from, and the selection is always changing. You and your date can enjoy a tasting session and discover some great new tastes. The sommeliers are really knowledgeable and can give you plenty of advice about what you are drinking, or recommend snacks and food to pair with your wine. If you get hungry, there is always the daily special too for 135kr, that will be delivered from Eriks Gondolen, the restaurant above the bar.

Heading to one of Stockholm’s great wine bars is a really good idea for a date. You can try something new, compare notes, and have some great conversation.

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