21 May 2024
Valentine’s Day In Stockholm
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Valentine’s Day In Stockholm

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Are you in love and in Stockholm? Do you want to do something special with your significant other on Valentine’s Day, aka Alla Hjärtans Dag? We have listed a bunch of things and places you both can enjoy to infuse yourself in the romantic vibes the city has to offer.

But before we continue, you may want to get acquainted with the typical Swedish “Alla Hjärtans” – Valentine’s vocabulary and petnames. So you’ll also prepared to call your älskade in a way that will make her or him feel more special.

Got a date, where to go?

  • Restaurant dinner

Stockholm has some of the most romantic restaurants you can imagine, with decor and menus to raise the passion and suffuse any date with real romanticism. Check out our guide to the most romantic restaurants in town.

most romantic restaurants in stockholm le rouge valentine's day dinner

  • Experience a unique Valentine’s day event in Stockholm!

Every Valentine’s day there are special events for couples to take part in, such as yoga, concerts, classic romantic cinema, spending a night in a castle, dancing and dinner parties, shows, etc. We have handpicked the best events in town for Valentine’s day, with locations, prices and all the details you need completely in English and listed them all in our Events Calendar here.

  • Spa Day

Both of you can treat yourselves to a day at the spa. The most popular one in Stockholm is Sturebadet, where you can swim in a 29ºC pool, enjoy a steam or dry sauna, hydromassage, aromatherapy and relax rooms, group fitness training and a gym, as well as a Turkish Bath.

A spa day for two costs 1895 kr, which includes lunch at the Curman Lounge, a glass of champagne with chocolate praline and Sturebadet’s spa ritual.

Open from 7am to 8pm weekdays and 7am to 6pm during on weekends, more info on their website.

  • Spa and hotel with an Oriental twist

A favourite place among Swedes for a romantic escape is Yasuragi – a Japanese style spa, restaurant and hotel in the middle of the woods. You can book yourself a nice room, have some champagne and then head off to their spa and swim in their hot pools before getting ready for a delicious teppanyaki. And you can do this all wearing a cool yukata, a Japanese cotton robe, which all guests get to wear inside Yasuragi. Check our their spa packages for their Valentine’s promos.

  • How about a simple but classic Swedish fika?

Swedes love their fika and even if this is the most typical way of socialising with friends, family and significant others, it can also become romantic when you go to a place with a special theme, for example. With this purpose in mind we can strongly recommend Java Whiskers, Sweden’s first cat café. Think cats strolling around your feet or sleeping on a sofa next to you as you and your loved one sip on a cat-latte and sweeten your palates with a kanelbulle. A cute and lovely way to spend some time together!

  • Outdoor dates for adventurous romantics

Stockholm’s beautiful greenery and scenery makes it a perfect spot for adventurous and breathtaking dates. The city is home to countless outdoor activities, which means you and your special someone never have to settle for ordinary! Here are three fun ways to romantically enjoy all that Stockholm offers.

love outdoor dates stockholm sweden romance

Get creative!

  • They say the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach!

Everybody loves being pampered, so why don’t you prepare a candle lit dinner. Having a delicious meal prepared by someone we love counts towards this type of cookie points! If you need inspiration for a delicious and romantic menu, take a look at the recipes in our cookbook here.

  • Try something new!

Here in Sweden it is very popular to buy an “experience voucher” with which you and your kärlek can both enjoy trying out a unique new adventure such as a luxury cruise, dinner in a completely dark restaurant, cooking lessons, wine tastings, helicopter tours, body flight, massages etc. The most popular companies offering these treats are: liveit.se, upplevelse.com, happy-day.se

Want to show you care with a present?

These are the most typical presents Swedes give to their älskling, on Valentine’s Day.

  • Flowers directly to your kärlek‘s office. The most well-known companies here in Sweden offering that special bouquet are Interflora and Euroflorist.
  • Chocolates. This is the classic that never gets old! You will find that Stockholm patisseries stock up on chocolate truffles especially for Valentine’s day.
  • Clothing. It doesn’t mean that you don’t like how they dress, but finding that stylish fashion item for a loved one also means that you spent some time thinking about her or his taste.
  • Experiences: Get your loved one to do something he, she or they would never have done. Why not offer an experience that the person has always dreamed of! How about a roof hike, a parachute jump or dinner in the dark? You will find the experiences at a discount at Live it, Greatdays and Upplevelse, among others!
  • Jewelry: Of course, you can always give away a piece of jewelry or a watch, it is a timeless classic that will always be appreciated by the recipient. Find fine jewelry at a good price at Guldfynd.
  • Lingerie: New nice lingerie is always a good gift for both him and her. At Uppercut, Timarco and Twilfit you will find a large selection of well-known brands.
  • Adult toys: The day is all about love and romance, so why not surprise yourself with massage oils, intimate toys or nice underwear that can contribute to the right mood? You will find exciting products at Sexleksaker Outlet and WinkWink.
  • Your most precious memories: A photo book, a phone case or a coffee mug with a photo of you two on your first date or your first holiday together is the perfect way to always be in each other’s mind. Try cewe.se for all things photo gifts.

If you  can’t find time to go shopping then you can try websites such as bluebox.se, getspecial.se,  that have the most unimaginable assortment of Alla Hjärtans presents. If you’re feeling a little bit short of ideas, you’ll definitely get inspired after checking out the hundreds of gift ideas they can wrap and send to your loved one’s home or office. From pancake/egg shaped moulds, to whisky glasses, to jewellery, to sexy board games, you name it.

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