18 May 2024
Cosplayers unite at Comic Con Stockholm
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Cosplayers unite at Comic Con Stockholm

Cosplayers at Comic Con Stockholm 2023

Comic Con Stockholm brings together enthusiasts from various different types of fandoms and cosplayers really are at the heart of creating the whole experience. The popularity of cosplay seems to increase year by year and there are more and more individuals donning elaborate costumes, which have been meticulouslyy crafted to pay homage to their favorite characters from movies, games, comics, anime and more.

The convention provides a great platform for cosplayers to unite, which was very evident on Saturday, the busiest day of the event, when there just wasn’t space enough for a cosplay parade and the hundreds of cosplayers lined up and gathered in the entrance hall. Everybody seemed to be embracing the moment and showing their passion for different aspects of pop culture, be it something out of Star Wars, Marvel Comics or Naruto.

Here are some of our pictures of the cosplayers of Comic Con Stockholm 2023.

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