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The Artipelag exhibition “No Man Is An Island” explores the complex relationship between human beings and the Stockholm archipelago. YLC's Carmen Price decided to...


Summer is here and the time of picnics is upon us. What better to bring with you to the beach or the park than a basket full of delectable cinnamon buns?


School's out and hordes of holiday-heady and hungry children are suddenly at home during the day. So what to make? For a no-fuss lunch...


Looking for a place to dance around the May pole this weekend or just want to learn more about Midsummer in Sweden?


Rumour has it that Sweden's National Day began in 1523 when Gustav Vasa was crowned, but it wasn't made a public holiday until 2005. But either way it's a cause to celebrate - choose a century and go from there!


It's no secret that Swedes love their cake - and cookies, and candies, and everything sweet. So no wonder then that fika on National Day has its very own tasty confection...nationaldagsbakelse.


Want to know what the Swedish equivalent of Mac'n Cheese is? Ready for some brown beans? Or ever wondered just what it is that's supposed to be so tempting with Janssons Frestelse?


YLC's Amy Johansson took a one-week, 1200 kilometre road trip from Växjö in the deep south to Piteå in the far north...and discovered that they do things a bit differently up there.


In the short-lived but magical spirit of Swedish summer, YLC's Kirsten Smart has hustled together her finest selection of outdoor cafés and eateries so that YOU too can feel the unbridled pleasures of eating al fresco!