13 Jun 2024
How Lillördag Can Prevent Burnout at Work
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How Lillördag Can Prevent Burnout at Work

Stockholmers Rely on Lillördag To Prevent Burnout at Work

According to a survey done by Indeed.com, 52% of people said that they often feel tired and burned out by work. This figure rose to 67% in the past year, meaning that Swedes are having to find ways to relax and de-stress as a priority. One of the ways to do this in Sweden is called Lillördag – i.e. “Little Saturday.” This is a midweek celebration that helps you to recharge your batteries to prepare for the rest of the week. Lillördag has been particularly beneficial where Stockholmers are spending more time working from home, and the line between work and free time has become blurred. Scheduling a little time for yourself midweek is not a luxury – it’s an essential for your health and wellbeing. 


Bringing the outdoors closer

People in Stockholm are well known for their love of nature – there are no less than 300 nature reserves in the area. But if you’re short on time, it is easy to bring some outdoor relaxing time closer to home on your LillördagInstalling a hammock in your backyard, or even your living room is a simple solution. After a stressful day at work, you could use a hammock to read, listen to music and even meditate. In the winter months when the weather is colder, bringing those outdoor elements indoors can help you to feel closer to nature, even when it’s dark and cold outside. Urban gardening has become a very popular hobby in Sweden. If you want to bring the outdoors closer, it’s quick and easy to spend a little time on a Wednesday planting a few seeds or potting some herbs on a balcony.

mosebacke terrace södra teatern Stockholm Sweden outdoor bar club

Party in Stockholm

For many people, Lillördag is about really letting off steam and partying. There are plenty of places in Stockholm where you can let your hair down on a Wednesday night. Trädgården (Hammarby Slussväg 2) is always popular, and they host special events and dance nights. It’s not just about the club night though, at Trädgården you can also grab a bite to eat. Södra Teatern (Mosebacke Torg 1 – 3) is also extremely popular on a Wednesday night and there are two restaurants, art gallery space, and regular club nights. You can sldo enjoy the beautiful viewd over the city.


Hobby nights in

Indoor hobbies and hobby clubs, “föreningar” are incredibly popular – tabletop games and board games being the most popular indoor hobby in Stockholm, especially when the dark winter arrives. Research done by the Australian Psychological Society has found that these indoor hobbies reduce stress, helping you to feel calm and relaxed. To prevent work burnout, organise a games night with family and friends – it’s an easy way to be sociable, and your Lillördag can be Lagom too.

Taking a Lillördag is a great way to prevent Stockholmers from becoming burned out from work. Make sure that you schedule some fun activities for your Lillördag to stay happy and in good health.

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