13 Jun 2024
Why some people find it hard to make friends in Sweden and what to do about it
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Why some people find it hard to make friends in Sweden and what to do about it

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When you went to school growing up, you probably found that making friends felt natural as you had many repeated organic interactions. This is how people establish many of their friendships. Moving to a new country or city as an adult, you may find that you meet people who already have their set quota of friends.They might be satisfied with their situation and not out to meet new people, so reaching out to them after your first meeting may not lead to a second meeting. This is extra apparent here in Sweden.

Studies from 2022 says that 34% of the people are unhappy with their social life in Stockholm. This statistic combined with the fact that many people already have an established social network, might cause you to meet rejection after rejection and not being able to make friends with people you find interesting.

Because of the culture in Sweden, you might find people being polite, but confused about whether they are genuinelyfriendly or just being “fake”. This might cause you to feel frustrated, when you don’t have someone to share with and do not feel a sense of belonging in the city you are in. Spending enough time might get you there, but here are a few ways to make friends faster:

1) Learn some basics of the culture. The language is a big plus, but it is not necessary.

2) Understand the psychology of what people are attracted to, and then use that in your favor to attract your type of people.

3) Find like-minded people, go to your type of events or even create your own.

4) Understand that there is no quick-fix, but that with some effort and the right strategy you are able to create your own social network of people you enjoy spending time with

5) Be open to try new things and realize that this could be an opportunity to grow as a person whilst having fun

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