23 Jun 2024
Networking Your New City

Why some people find it hard to make friends in Sweden and what to do about it

When you went to school growing up, you probably found that making friends felt natural as you had many repeated organic interactions. This is how people establish many of their friendships. Moving to a new country or city as an adult, you may find that you meet people who already have their set quota of […]

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Creative Arts Culture What's on: Stockholm

Why Every Expat Should Take an Improv Class

You are in a completely new environment, new characters, new language and you have no idea what will happen next. It’s scary and exciting.

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Expat Support General Counselling

Expat Counselling: The Art of International Friendships

In this month of Love and Friendship YLC’s mental health writer Lysanne Sizoo looks at the ways in which internationals connect with other, and how they can keep their friendships happy and healthy. The human need for social connection and friendship is deeply rooted. Some people experience it stronger than others. While some seem designed […]

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