29 May 2024
YLC Christmas Giveaway: Christmas Hamper

YLC Christmas Giveaway: Christmas Hamper

British Corner Shop is a godsend to everyone missing a mince pie… or other seasonal delights away from home. Apply to win a luxury hamper and make your Christmas!

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Missing Mince Pies? At British Corner Shop – the online supermarket for expats, they understand how important it is to celebrate holidays abroad with a little taste of home. So we are extremely pleased to announce that our full Christmas range is now available on the website.

There’s a huge selection of products, from Christmas puddings, mince pies and cakes to confectionery tubes, tree decorations, cards and crackers. So if you’re celebrating Christmas abroad this year there really is no reason why you can’t make it feel a bit more like home by ordering in your favourite Christmas treats.


If you’re missing your favourite food from home, please fill in our survey for the chance to win a hamper filled with delicious treats for Christmas. Once you have filled in the survey, you just need to write down the name of the food from home that you miss the most in the comments area; you must do both for the chance to win!

If you have already filled in the survey to win something earlier, all you need to do is write down the name of the food from home that you miss the most in the comments area* – easy-peasy!



This competition is now closed.


Didn’t win? Go to the British Corner Shop website to order your taste of home today! 

Fine print:

Hamper must be picked up from our YLC team – the winner must contact us to arrange pick-up.

Entrants must complete the survey and fill in the comments box to win.

Winners will be drawn at random by the YLC management

*Survey only needs to be completed once; then readers are entitled to enter all give-aways


  • Hema 1 Dec 2013

    The thing I miss the most from home is fish and chips from the local chippy! Because being in a country where I tend to cook healthy meals on a daily basis it would be nice just to eat something not so healthy and made by somebody else! 🙂

  • Elaine Killilea 1 Dec 2013

    I really miss (and therefore import) PROPER tea bags!!!!!!

  • Rob 1 Dec 2013

    Chipper chips on the way home from the pub, cadbury’s chocolate, sales in Arnott’s, easy effortless pints with friends, Superquinn sausages, tayto cheese & onion

  • Nicky Standingford 1 Dec 2013

    The food I most miss from home is Cadbury Heros! Miss having a huge tub on the table at Christmas time! Oh and mince pies…the list could go on and on!!

  • Rachel 1 Dec 2013

    At this time of year: pumpkin pie and eggnog!

  • Laura 1 Dec 2013

    Cadbury chocolate and violet crumbles

  • Heather Petersson 1 Dec 2013

    I miss Turtle chocolate and butter tarts… YUMMMY!!!

  • Heather Petersson 1 Dec 2013

    I miss Turtle chocolate and Butter Tarts……. Yummmy!!!!!

  • Christina 1 Dec 2013

    I miss food from m&s, melton mowbray pork pies, double cream and sugar free custard!

  • Emma Kefford 2 Dec 2013

    I miss Branson pickle, perfect for Boxing Day to have with bubble and squeak

    . Think I prefer that to Christmas dinner. Nothing like feasting over all the left overs yum yum!

  • Yentl 2 Dec 2013

    I miss chocolate sprinkles, lays chips (paprika, ketchup, …) But what I really miss is a bicky burger and some fries, hmmm!!

  • Camelia 2 Dec 2013

    Eggnog lattes and pumpkin pie!

  • Daniel 3 Dec 2013

    A real greasy spoon or a great sandwich shop with two matron like ladies greeting you ” ‘ello darlin’, you look like you could do with a nice wiltshire ham, pickle and colman mustard on granary today!!!”

  • Jennifer 3 Dec 2013

    real bagels.

  • Ela 3 Dec 2013


  • Jinny Tee 4 Dec 2013

    Only one? That’s hard….. Marks and Spencer food?

  • J. 4 Dec 2013

    Peanut Butter Panda Puffs (Gluten-Free Cereal)

  • Rankitka 5 Dec 2013

    Pumpkin pie & crunchy yummi old fashion apple pie….

  • Kristina 5 Dec 2013

    The food I miss most is my favourite Vegan restaurant Fresh in Toronto.

  • Bec Bjornhage 5 Dec 2013

    I really miss Aussie meat pies, especially in this winter! Along with Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee (milk drink that outsells CocaCola)

  • Kelly 7 Dec 2013

    A proper English roast made by my mum!

  • Anett 7 Dec 2013

    Knusperflocken – chocolate mixed with knäckebröd (you would think that Swedes invented it 😉 )

  • Natasha 7 Dec 2013

    tim bits

  • Pearl 8 Dec 2013


  • Aliki 8 Dec 2013

    Malt loaf

  • Carrie Allard-Levinson 8 Dec 2013

    Nova Scotia scallops. 🙂

  • Michelle Ng Eriksson 8 Dec 2013

    Chilli crabs

  • Lindsay 8 Dec 2013


  • Cesar Lazarte 8 Dec 2013

    oohhh Panettone with butter on it ooohhh http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panettone

  • gemma 9 Dec 2013

    fish n chips

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