16 Jul 2024
Xmas Gifts For Art & Craft Lovers
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Xmas Gifts For Art & Craft Lovers


It is the season of merry making and gift giving. And not just of any old present. But with spritely coloured handsome boxes liberally festooned with equally gay ribbons, promising surprises as cherished as being kissed under the mistletoe.

Experience the delight of sparking that joy in friends and loved ones who relish surrounding themselves with all manner of arts and crafts, with gifts that also befit the merriment of yuletide festivities.

Your Living City suggests a selection of galleries and shops that offer merchandise that will give you as much happiness scouring Stockholm for that perfect Christmas surprise of art or craft.



If you are hunting for a present for the love of your life who adores art and Lolita – the Japanese fashion inspired by an idealized image of Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries, look no further than Ulrika Wärmling’s current exhibition “Autumn Frills”.

Wärmling’s romantic paintings epitomize how the Lolita culture manifests itself in Sweden, capturing on canvas lolitas who meet and socialize at cafes and museums through their planned Facebooks events.

Where: Domeij Gallery AB – Contemporary Art, Luntmakargatan 52
When: Till 17 December





If your heart is set on pleasing the arty apple of your eye, but you cannot decide on whether the special gift shall be a painting, a photograph or a work of art using other technologies, Galleri Eklund’s Christmas exhibition offers a wide and exciting range covering all these delectable options.

With artworks priced between SEK 4,000 and SEK 20,000, there is definitely something of quality to suit a huge variety of pockets.

Where: Galleri Eklund, Karlavagen 15




If you like being given a spread of selections, like in Galleri Eklund’s, but have not the time yet to go down to the galleries, the online ed.art is your answer.

The e-store makes internet shopping a breeze. It lists its 50 most popular artwork within SEK 1,500 to SEK 15,500. And even suggests works that suit different personality traits, like the  konstkonnässören, the surrealist, the globetrotter or even the naturlyrikern.

Should you want to see the preferred piece of art in the flesh before parting with your cash, you can trip on down to the ed.art bricks and mortar shop on Thursdays before Christmas from 1 December, and additionally on Saturday, 10 December.

Website: http://ed-art.se/en/
Where: Hagagatan 14



For those with buddies and dearly beloved who are smitten by all art caught by a camera lens, look no further than Centrum för fotografi’s “Salong CFF 2016 – Member Exhibition”. Into its 15th edition, this annual show involves some 100 photographers, showcasing a variety of images that are also for sale.

If you cannot zero in on a definitive photograph to purchase, why not consider a collection instead? CFF has a tempting assortment of photo books as bargain Xmas gifts.

Then your happy wallet is free to splurge on a second ribbon-ed treat to go with the chosen photo book right there and then: CFF hosts a Christmas market of pottery, art, design and craft upstairs during the Advent weekends.

Where: Tjärhovsgatan 44
When: 3 to 11 December




In line with Christmas being a festivity with family, Marjolein Rothman’s paintings and collages are ideal as loving invitations to your parents to reminisce on time spent together on days gone by.

The Dutch artist’s present “And so it stays” exhibition displays on canvas, aluminum and a myriad of new collagen, silhouettes of children in surroundings reduced, scaled and filled with light and space, making these images of her own family universal enough for you to interpret and create your own story.

Where: Wetterling Gallery, Kungsträdgården 3
When: Till 22 December




If the one you treasure is the welcome burst of sunshine on all your rainy or chilly wintry days, Romero Britto’s pop art personifies that personality to the T.

Vibrant and full of life, the Brazilian paints and sculpts works of art along playful themes with loving and warm over tones. These very qualities radiate as brilliantly in even his limited edition art prints, making them gifts as wonderful as his originals.

Where: Miva Fine Art Galleries, Grev Turegatan 10
When: Till 3 December



If printed art is your truly beloved’s passion but not in Romero Britto’s genre, then support the Graphic Society this Christmas by buying one or more of their graphics.

It has just released their Member Portfolio 2017 – 10 affordably priced prints selected by all 425 of its artist members. The artistic excellence of this year’s choices is assured as since 1910, the society’s membership has been strictly granted through a jury based on the print maker’s portfolio and qualifications

Where: Grafiska Sällskapet , Hornsgatan 6



If you find the Graphic Society’s 10 prints too narrow a range from which to pick the picture-perfect Xmas present, but its promise of affordability remains appealing, then you must check out what is temptingly on offer at Eye Shut Island.

The shop showcases an impressive assortment of art prints, along with an equally extensive array of art posters – traversing from the cheeky to the fun loving to the allure of great eye candy.

Where: Österlånggatan 25, Old Town



Giving the pagan roots of some Christmas traditions a more contemporary twist is a new age Xmas gift inspired by shamanism, mysticism and magic. And at Art, you will be spoiled for choice: just firstly decide if you would prefer your Xmas pick to grace your special one’s wall, floor, table or skin!

Niki Cash’s current “A writer passed my bye” exhibition has original paintings in mixed techniques, sculptures with graffiti that are consistently idiomatic, and unique handmade street jewellery of silver and reused metals and leather – all liberally imbued with Magic Art.

Where: Hökens Street 11
When: Till 2 December



If your mental tussle is narrowed to whether the work of art should be placed on the wall, floor or table of the beloved recipient of your lovingly chosen gift, then go view the “Sisters Shapes Beyond” exhibition currently held at Galleri Riddaren.

Peruse Anna Hörjel’s paintings and her sister, Felicia Hörjel’s ceramics – all splendidly imbued with the crystallization that their art have not forgotten its aesthetics – a crucial ingredient for the season’s promise of peace, love, hope and joy.

Where: Köpmanbrinken 8
When: Till 8 December



If you have made up your mind on making ceramics the present you will give this yuletide season, Kaolin will spoil you with aplenty of excellent handicrafts in their Christmas exhibition – from unique objects to sculptures.

Besides works by Swedish ceramists, it displays those from other regions in Scandinavia, especially Denmark. And it can offer you a personal story to go along with the gift, for the Swedes actually craft their beautiful creations in the shop and are happy to share what they know of the piece you have selected.

Where: Hornsgatan 50
When: Till 31 December



Last but not least, and of course, what better Christmas present to bring home to family not living in Sweden than the highly prized quintessential Swedish handmade crafts. And there is no finer place to shop for it than at Konsthantverkarna – Sweden’s oldest crafts association.

Given its diverse display of artisanal craftsmanship from within the country, you have the blissful task of choosing from the multiplicity of exquisite limited edition items fashioned from classic craft materials like art glass, ceramics, paper, silver and other precious metals, wrought iron and fabric in as many different ways as you can imagine; along with a dazzling collection of jewellery.

So be not surprised that you will succumb to the inviting temptation to emerge from Konsthantverkarna with an additional purchase – of that extra special Xmas gift for yourself!

Where: Södermalmstorg 4


Photo and information credits: The respective shops and galleries

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