18 Jul 2024
Stockholm’s Absolute Viking Experience
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Stockholm’s Absolute Viking Experience

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We know that many tourists who come to Sweden first think about Vikings, when they are coming here… And of course you want to experience and learn as much as possible and as authentically as possible about the Scandinavian warriors. So here are the best tips to make the best of your visit to Stockholm in the most Viking of fashions.

If Vikings you want to see the Viking Museum is where you want to be! Located in the island of Djurgården in Stockholm, you will find this unique in its class museum with a vivid exhibition where you will meet the Vikings through movies, scenery, projections and sound effects as well as archaeological objects. Knowledgeable guides in Viking gear will answer all your questions and the many replicas let you explore life as a Viking with all your senses.  You will learn about the Viking raids, journeys and mastery in ship building as well as the everyday life at the farm. The Norse mythology is present everywhere and here myth meets truth. The museum has a ride where you will learn the saga of Rangfrid, it also offers audioguides and tours in different languages. Find out all about ir here and the different viking themed events here.

Viking Museum ride viking experience meet the vikings
Ragnfrid’s saga Viking ride at the Viking Museum

You’re strongly recommended to visit the Swedish History Museum located at Narvavägen 13-17. Especially if you want to travel across centuries of Swedish cultural and historical evolution in just one place. You will be delighted with details of all things Viking, plus medieval art and details of the royal linage. During the summer they also set up the museum’s courtyards as a Viking town where kids get to be Vikings for a day and play with crafts, games and recreations. Entrance is completely free, which gives you no excuse to miss it.

Viking for a day - Photo courtesy of the Swedish History Museum
Viking for a day – Photo courtesy of the Swedish History Museum

There is a Viking-themed restaurant/bar in the Old Town (Gamla Stan), Aifur Krog on Västerlånggatan 68B. This is the only restaurant that offers gastronomic heritage from the Viking age. Here you can find seafaring dishes and favorites such as seafood, soups, marinated lamb, etc. It is also fun to watch the waiters coming in to deliver each dish with a Viking-ish announcement and you are provided with helmets and axes, if you wish to fit in with the theme. For more info visit aifur.se

Aifur Krog Viking vikings experience
At Aifur Krog & Bar you can meet the Vikings – Photo courtesy Aifur Krog & Bar

If you want to see an authentic runestones, you can find one in the heart of the Old Town, located in the corner of Prästgatan and Kåkbrinken. You can also find one at the Skansen park on the island of Djurgården.

Visit the town of Birka, located on the island of Björkö in the lake Mälaren 30 km west of Stockholm, which is now the most important Viking archeological site. Birka was used as an important trading centre during the Viking age and is today an UNESCO World Heritage site. The Strömma company offers day trips to Birka by boat which include a great guided tour and entrance to the on-site museum. They also have a reconstruction of part of a Viking age village and have many events through the summer (like market and games). More info on how to travel there and tours here.

Birka Viking town on the island on lake Mälaren photo by Ola Erikson
Birka – Photo by Ola Erikson

The viking village of Storholmen, a family friendly archeological open air museum in Roslagen, which is located in the Norrtälje area, approx 1½ hours by bus north of Stockholm. To experience the Viking age with all your senses and travel through time, you can also book an unusual feast. More info here.

If you want to wonder a bit more outside Stockholm, head to Uppsala, where Vikings and their ancestors lived, worked the land, conducted trade and made their long and famous voyages from. You can take a guided tour with archeologists or even take part in theme days. Some of the things you could see are: the Fullerö hills nature reserve, Gamla Uppsala, Hågahögen, Husby burial field, Kung Skute. For more information visit destinationuppsala.se

Uppsala river city Sweden
Uppsala – Photo Karen Lundquist

Take part in the Viking History Half Day tour from Stockholm with highlights such as discovering Sweden’s fascinating Viking and medieval past, see an old Viking parliament, admire Sweden’s largest runic stone, explore Sigtuna, the oldest town in Sweden. It costs around 1,200kr, you can find more info on www.timetraveltours.se

But if your time is limited and want to keep within the confines of Stockholm, but still soak up in Viking airs, you can opt for a Viking tour around the old town, where you’ll be amused with Viking stories and showed around the historical places of the area. For example: Vulgar Viking Venture ourwaytours.com


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