25 Jul 2024
Here’s Where You Can Find The Best Wines In Stockholm
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Here’s Where You Can Find The Best Wines In Stockholm

Sweden has a well-established wine culture, and from 2001 to 2020, data shows that wine accounted for 34% of the country’s total alcohol consumption. In 2021, this figure jumped to 44% as Sweden’s wine market continues to evolve. Still, the country continues to be strict when it comes to access to alcohol. If you’re in Stockholm or any part of Sweden, you’ll find that you can only buy wine and other alcoholic drinks in Systembolaget stores, and buyers must have a minimum age of 20. Wine enthusiasts don’t have to fret though– there are other places where you can taste different wines or enjoy a glass or two after a long day. There are even festivals dedicated to natural wines if you love going to big wine-related events. If you’re looking to find the best wines in Stockholm, consider these places to get a taste of the finest vino in the city.

Wine Tastings

If you’re living in Stockholm, you can easily build an impressive wine collection for pleasure or profit. Serious wine collectors will need a cellar though, as well as a device to chill wine fast, such as a countertop wine cooler, to keep your wine at the ideal temperature for immediate consumption. More importantly, you’ll need an array of different wines to round out your collection, and you can find these at a wine tasting within the city.  

One of the best places that offers tasting experiences is Nordic Wine Tastings, a wine school located at Grev Turegaten 45. They have different wine courses, and if you’re a connoisseur, you can even sign up for a course to get internationally certified. In a typical class, you’ll learn about wine production, grape growing, bottling, food and wine pairings, and making appropriate wine recommendations, among others. There’s also Stockholm WineLab at Kungsbroplan 1, which offers private wine tastings for individuals and groups of up to 20 people. Once you’ve identified the wine types and vintages that please your palate, get to the nearest Systembolaget to buy a few bottles of red, white, or rosé to start your collection. 

Stockholm’s Food & Wine festival

Wine Bars

For those who love to drink wine while hanging out with friends, a wine bar is the best place to be. Stockholm, which is considered a top-rated wine city, has several excellent wine bars, and each one has a different ambiance so they attract different crowds. Those who prefer natural or sustainable wines may want to check out Savant, which is a cafe that turns into a wine bar at night. Meanwhile, for those who want to sip rosé or Merlot in a hip bar, there’s Morfar Ginko, where you can groove to music spun by local DJs. You can also check out Slakthuset, which features acclaimed DJs and grilled food to pair with wine. For something a little more low key, there’s Alba Vinbar, where you can enjoy small dishes along with glasses of wine while listening to ambient hip-hop music. 

Some other favourited places by YLC’s editorial team are: NOFO Wine Bar, VINA and Dryck Wine Bar in Södermalm, Bar á Vins in Östermalm, Cork Vinbar and Corvina Enoteca in Gamla Stan.

Wine is huge part of Stockholm culture, so why not build a collection while you’re living in the city? Check out wine tastings and wine bars to get more knowledge about different types of vino, and buy your bottles from Systembolaget stores.

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