17 Jul 2024
Celebrate Spring with a Nature Hike in Stockholm
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Celebrate Spring with a Nature Hike in Stockholm

Tourism in Sweden is booming with nature being one of the biggest drawcards according to Ewa Lagerqvist, CEO of Visit Sweden. One of the most popular destinations in Sweden is without a doubt Stockholm, widely considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Not only is the city known for its impressive architecture and delicious food, but now that spring has sprung it is also reminding locals and visitors alike how beneficial spending time outdoors is by boasting breathtaking natural scenery and superb hiking trails to suit every fitness level imaginable.

Don’t forget to get the right hiking gear

Before you even think about going on a hike you need to ensure that you have all the necessary gear. When hiking during spring it is important to not be caught off-guard by unexpected cold weather. Apart from comfortable clothing and shoes, you also need to invest in a quality backpack that has enough space for all the gear you may require. Drinking water, snacks, insect repellent, a map/GPS, first aid kit and sunscreen are all non-negotiable and should always be taken along on any hike. While a day hike will not necessitate you to carry a lot of hiking equipment with you, longer hikes may require you to carry along a hot water flask, a larger amount of food, and an extra set of lightweight clothes with you in case you get wet. A portable mini-stove can also be a welcome addition to any long hike as it will allow you to safely and effectively boil water and warm up some food.

Tyresta National Park

Situated a mere 20 kilometers south of the center of Stockholm, the Tyresta National Park offers visitors some of the best springtime hiking experiences in the country. The park is home to nearly 8,000 animal and bird species as well as nearly 5,000 acres of primitive pine forests. There are countless trails to explore by both day visitors to the park and overnight campers who prefer a slightly longer expedition into the wild. While the park comes alive during spring, don’t neglect to pack a warm jacket and your waterproof shoes as hikers often encounter patches of snow and ice during their early-spring adventures.  


If you are looking for a beautiful lake-side hike, head over to Brunnsviken, which is situated just north of the city.  While the area is a popular picnic spot for families during spring and summer, it also offers a 12km-long hiking trail that loops the entire picturesque area. The lake offers free access as well as many places to stop and recharge during your hike. Apart from the beautiful natural scenery, the area also boasts a number of attractions such as the Swedish Museum of Natural History, the Bergius Botanical Gardens, a butterfly house, and even a café.


Sörmlandsleden covers more than 1,000km in the southwest region of Stockholm and is one of the longest and most picturesque hiking trails in all of Sweden. The trail is divided into more than 100 sections ranging between 2 and 21 kilometers in length and boasts various starting points that are easily accessible by both public and private transport from the Stockholm city center. The routes wind through scenic landscapes that include forests, lakes, and pristine coastline. Although the area is largely uninhabited, you may be lucky enough to spot a few moose or deer along the way. It also passes through a number of cities and towns including Katrineholm, Eskilstuna, and Norrköping. Although there are multiple guided hikes available, the trails are easy enough to attempt on your own or with a bunch of fellow hikers.

There is no doubt that Stockholm offers some of the most beautiful hiking trails in all of Scandinavia. With spring being the most beautiful season in Sweden, now is the perfect time to put on a pair of hiking boots, lather on the sunscreen and spend some time getting acquainted with Mother Nature.   

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