16 Jul 2024
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Ana Diaz in Concert at Kulturhuset

Ana Diaz wrote songs for the likes of Britney Spears and One Direction before staking out her own career as a bona fide pop star with her 2016 EPs Lyssna del 1 and Lyssna del 2. When she played a sold-out show at Kulturhuset in front of her home town crowd, we were of course […]

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Patti Smith opens Eighteen Stations photo exhibition in Stockholm

Perhaps there is no past or future, only the perpetual present that contains this trinity of memory. Patti Smith Artist, performer and poet Patti Smith was present at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern to inaugurate her own photo exhibition called Eighteen Stations. With striking kindness Smith strolled around her exhibition, saying hi to the public and signing books before giving […]

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Culture What's on: Stockholm

What’s On: 5 – 9 November

Autumn has settled in and the rain comes and goes. Don’t let that slow you down – get out and experience this city for all it has to offer.

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Wayne Shorter Live at Konserthuset

Wynton Marsalis once said that jazz is the art of negotiation: A group of people come together and use instruments to have a conversation and it is the negotiation of all their different expressions – madness, joy, pain, sorrow, nonchalance – that makes the music.

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Five Free Things to Do for Valentine’s Day

Romantic dinner, jewellery, roses…Valentine’s Day can be a great way to break the bank, we know. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got a treasure trove of free ways to celebrate! Valentine’s Lunch Beat YLC tried out the Lunch Beat last year and you can read about our experience here. But now it’s time […]

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YLC Art Agenda: November

Attention art-lovers! November is rife with exhibitions both new and old. To be sure you don’t miss any, check out our newest feature – the art agenda for November!

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