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Hospitals & emergency clinics in Stockholm

It’s never something anyone likes to think about, but health issues and medical emergencies can happen to any of us whether we’re ready for it or not and the risks increase when you’re in an environment that you are not entirely familiar with.

While it’s impossible to completely avoid it, the best defence against a health crisis is to be prepared. This article will provide you with a list of hospitals and 24-hour emergency clinics around Stockholm. Your family doctor can also provide you with brochures and information about medical centers in your area.

List of Hospitals in Stockholm

Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Hospital

Karolinska vägen (part of Karolinska Hospital complex off of E4 North)


Tel: 08-517 771 02

Karolinska Hospital (university hospital)

Karolinska vägen (off of E4 North)


Tel: 08-517 700 00

Danderyd Hospital (adults and children)

Mörbygårdsvägen (off of E18 North)


Adults-Tel: 08-655 50 00, Children- Tel: 08-655 65 00 (specific for Internal Medicine conditions)

Sophiahemmet Hospital (private hospital, no emergency room)

Valhallavägen 91 Stockholm,

Tel: 08-406 20 00

St. Görans Hospital (adults)

St. Görans Plan 1, Stockholm

Tel: 08-587 010 00 (surgical conditions, orthopedics & internal medicine)

St. Erik’s Hospital Eye Clinic,

Polhemsgatan 50, Stockholm

Tel: 08-672 31 00

City-Akuten Tandvård (dental emergencies)

Olof Palmes gata 13 A, T-bana: Hötorget

Open daily: 8:00 -20:00

Tel: 08-412 29 00

St. Eriks Akut tandvård (dental emergencies)

Polhemsgatan 48

Open: 7:45 – 20:30. After 21:00 call 32 01 00 for a referral.

Tel: 08-545 512 20

Huddinge Hospital (University)

Hälsovägen, Huddinge

Tel: 08-585 800 00


Ringvägen 52 Stockholm

Tel: 08-616 10 00

Sachsska Children’s Hospital (specific for internal medical conditions)

Sachsgatan 1 Stockholm

Tel: 08-616 40 50

Stockholm community psychiatric emergency clinic

Vårdvägen 5, St. Görans Sjukhusområde

Tel: 08-672 25 00


Vallhallavägen 91

This is a private hospital with different specialities. (Surgeons, gastro-enterol

ogists,orthopedics, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, gynecologists)

If you need to see a GP or a specialist call Vårdguiden information

Tel: 08-320100 open 24-hours



24-hour Emergency Hospitals in Stockholm

Södersjukhuset Emergency Hospital

Sjukhusbacken 10, 118 61 Stockholm

Tel: 08-616 10 00

(SÖS emergency department for adults has a private entrance a few meters before SÖS main entrance)

Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Hospital

Karolinska Vägen 171 76, Stockholm

Tel: 08-517 700 00

(Located at Karolinska Hospital, also for adults)
Danderyds Hospital

Danderyd 182 88, Stockholm

Tel: 08-655 50 00

(Children’s emergency open 8:00-21:00)

St. Göran’s Sjukhus AB

St. Göransplan 1, 112 81 Stockholm

Tel: 08-587 010 00

(General surgery, orthopedic surgery, internal medicine, emergency clinic)

Emergency Dental Clinic in Stockholm

St. Erik’s Hospital Akut tandvården (dental emergency)

Polhemsgatan 48, Stockholm (entrance Flemminggatan)

Tel: 08-123 156 80

(Open: 7:45 – 20:30. After 21:00 call 32 01 00 for a referral)

City-Akuten Tandvård (dental emergencies)

Olof Palmes gata 13 A, T-bana: Hötorget

Open daily: 8:00 -20:00

Tel: 08-412 29 00

Emergency Eye Clinic in Stockholm

St. Erik’s Hospital- Eye Clinic

Polhemsgatan 50, Stockholm (entrance Flemminggatan)

Tel: 08-672 31 00

24-hour Pharmacy (Apotek) in Stockholm:

Apotek C.W. Scheele

Klarabergsgatan 64, Stockholm

(located across from the Central Railway Station, near Åhlens Department Store)

Tel: 0771 – 450 450


Pharmacies are typically open between 10:00 and 18:00. Hours vary around the city so you should become familiar with the Apotek nearest to your home and the hours they are open. There is a 24-hour free Hot Line for pharmaceutical information if you have questions about a certain medication, dosage, adverse reactions etc.Tel: 020-66 77 66.

Non-emergency Health Care Clinic in Stockholm


Apelbergsgatan 48, (1st floor)

T-bana: Hötorget

Tel: 08-412 29 60 or 08-545 291 85

Open: Mon.-Fri.  8:00 – 17:00

City-Akuten is an adult and child walk-in clinic with on-site lab and x-ray department. The medical specialty services provided are: internal medicine, ophthalmology, general surgeon, orthopedics and ENT (ear, nose and throat). The ENT doctors will see younger children. The nursing staff consists of registered nurses with three nurses providing triage in the reception. X-ray and lab fees are added to the basic fee.

NOTE: This facility is limited. Pediatric emergency cases should be cared for at either Astrid Lindgren’s Children Hospital or Danderyd Hospital Children’s Emergency. Adults should seek emergency care at Karolinska Hospital or Danderyd Hospital.

Emergency Psychiatric Clinic in Stockholm:

Stockholm community psychiatric emergency clinic

Vårdvägen 5, St. Görans Sjukhusområde

Tel: 08-672 25 00













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