20 Apr 2024
Get Your Sweat On: Hot Yoga in Stockholm
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Get Your Sweat On: Hot Yoga in Stockholm

Whether you love the idea of doing strenuous physical exercise in 40 degree heat or hate it – the truth is Bikram Yoga, or Hot Yoga, is here to stay. So pack the bikini (shorts and a tank top will do as well) and come get your sweat on!

Bikram Yoga is a system of yoga that Bikram Choudhury developed from traditional hatha yoga techniques and popularized in the US in beginning in the early 70s. All classes run for 90 minutes and consist of the same series of 26 postures. Why it is called Hot Yoga is because Bikram Yoga is always practiced in a room heated to approximately 40.6°C with a humidity of 40%.

So is it hot?

Yes, it is hot. During the first class the beginner’s aim is to stay in the room for the full 90 minutes, regardless of how many poses or asanas they participate in. After a few classes, the heat will not be as bothersome. In fact, instructors would encourage going often in the beginning to get used to the heat. Many studios will offer an introductory 10-days card, with limitless yoga for the whole ten days.

Ok then – is it difficult?

Yes. And no. Bikram has always argued that everyone can do these postures and that it s never too late to start. As long as one isn’t expecting to be able to do all 26 postures perfectly from the very beginning but are willing to try “the right way” – there is no reason one shouldn’t benefit. However, there is a saying among Yogis and Yoginis practising Bikram that “it never gets easier – you only get better”.

Can you go even if you don’t live (or look) like Gwyneth Paltrow?

Yes. Most people will be just like your neighbours. (Not that you know them – this IS Sweden, after all.) And no one cares what you look like- they’re too busy trying to stay in the room.

Isn’t it just for women?

Nope, there’s generally a good smattering of guys hogging the best spaces in the room. Typically.

Is it really healthy to exercise in such a high temperature?

Views are divided on this and YLC Stockholm’s opinion is that anyone at all worried about the heat or the postures and who want to try Bikram Yoga should read all the info there is on this as well as seek medical advice before trying.

Alright, I feel up for trying – so where do I go?

Well, that’s the easy part. Just check out our list below of the studios in Stockholm that offer Bikram Yoga.


Where to do Hot Yoga in Stockholm

Bikram Yoga Söder
Where: Gotlandsgatan 53B, Södermalm
When: See Schedule
Damage: Drop in 200 SEK/Class, 10 Day Intro Card 380 SEK. See pricelist for more details.

Bikram Yoga City
Where: Olof Palmes Gata 11A
When: See Schedule
Damage: Drop in 200 SEK/Class, 10 Day Intro Card 380 SEK. See pricelist for more details.

Where: Birkagatan 35
When: See website
Damage: Drop in 220 SEK.  7 Day Intro Card 395 SEK. 3 Intro classes of your choice 395 SEK. See pricelist for more details.

Where: Engelbrektsgatan 23
When: See Schedule
Damage: Drop in 220 SEK. 2 weeks limitless yoga (introduction offer) 430 SEK. See pricelist for more details.

Where: Grevgatan 37
When: See Schedule
Damage: Drop in 220 – although first class always FREE! 3 weeks unlimited classes 300 SEK. See pricelist for more details.

Featured Image: Wikimedia commons


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