22 Jun 2024
Fit in the City: YLC’s weekly Crossfit workout
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Fit in the City: YLC’s weekly Crossfit workout

Last week, YLC tried Crossfit – and  starting today – we want to give you the chance to try it too! Personal Trainer Karl Gullö from Crossfit Södermalm will share with YLC readers one Crossfit workout per week, along with educational videos and top trainer tips!


Welcome to what is likely to be your first Crossfit experience! In the following weeks we are going to try a few different Crossfit workouts and learn what this type of training is all about.The workouts are all going to be focused on body-weight exercises, which means you should be able to do them at home, at work or wherever you happen to find yourself. Also, they will never take more than half an hour to complete!


The first workout is called “Cindy”. It’s the workout that Rebecca did the other day and consists of the following elements:


5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats

For 20 minutes, you do as many rounds as possible.

You do five pull-ups, followed by ten push-ups and then fifteen squats, rest for 10 seconds and repeat. Try and complete as many rounds as possible. 

Watch Karl demonstrate the correct technique below:




This particular workout is great because it targets all parts of your body. It consists of very simple exercises so it’s easy to follow and you can do it pretty much anywhere. If you don’t have access to a chins bar you can easily substitute  the pull-ups with sit-ups or any other ab exercise. You can regulate the tempo yourself so begin easy and try and increase the intensity of the workout in a progressive manner. The last 5 minutes should be a sprint!


Top Trainer Tip: Remember your technique! Keep your back straight throughout the squats and your core and glutes tight during the push ups. Allow your pectoral muscles to be the first thing to hit the ground instead of your stomach. Be strict with yourself and don’t count repetitions if they aren’t good enough!


If you have any questions on how to scale a workout or change it, leave a comment here or post on the Gullö Fitness Facebook page.

Have fun, and good luck!


Karl Gullö


YLC readers who want to try out Crossfit can also book four PT– hours with Karl (in English) at a 50% discount (value of 2,000 SEK). Click here for more information on Karl or Crossfit Södermalm.


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