18 May 2024
Fit in the City: YLC’s weekly Crossfit workout
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Fit in the City: YLC’s weekly Crossfit workout

YLC recently tried Crossfit and now we are giving you the chance to try it too! PT Karl Gullö from Crossfit Södermalm will share with YLC readers one Crossfit workout per week, along with educational videos and top trainer tips!


Hi again and welcome to your next Crossfit experience! I hope that Cindy went well and that you enjoyed yourselves. This week we are going to do a different workout – called Michael!


What to do this week:


Run 800 Metres

50 Sit-ups

50 Back extensions


Do this 3 rounds for time!


As there is running involved, this workout will require some outdoor activity. It’s summer now (yes, honest!) so why not just lay a towel on the grass and do the whole workout outside! This workout is great for those of you after a super toned belly. You’re also going to burn loads of fat  – which is necessary if you want to have a flat stomach, as well as strengthen your back and abdominal muscles.


Top Trainer Tip: Try not to use to much accelerating force through the sit-ups. Instead I want you to really focus your abdominal and do full-range sit-ups. In other words – NOT crunches.


Have fun and remember, if you need to you can always scale the workout – for example starting with running 400 metres and doing 25 sit-ups and back extensions and increasing this as you get stronger.




Karl Gullö

YLC readers who want to try out Crossfit can also book four PT–hours with Karl (in English) at a 50% discount. Click here for more information on Karl or Crossfit Södermalm.


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