29 May 2024
Fit in the City: YLC’s weekly Crossfit workout
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Fit in the City: YLC’s weekly Crossfit workout

YLC recently tried Crossfit and now we are giving you the chance to try it too! PT Karl Gullö from Crossfit Södermalm will share with YLC readers one Crossfit workout per week, along with educational videos and top trainer tips!


Hey everybody! I hope that you enjoyed last week’s workout (or at least loved to hate it!). This week we are going to be doing a very demanding workout called Angie. Angie is a bodyweight workout that looks like this:



100 Pull-ups

100 Push-ups

100 Sit-ups

100 Squats


I want to start off by saying YES you can scale the workout to your appropriate level – so don’t overdo it! This workout is very demanding even for the Crossfit Elite. 100 repetitions is a lot and needs to be treated as such. Pick a number in your head that you think will be hard to achieve and add 10. Then you are doing Angie right.

You must complete one sequence of events before you move on to another. In other words, you must do 100 pull-ups (or whatever number you decided) before you can do the push ups.

Top Trainer Tip: This workout is hard. I want you to focus on your technique throughout every repetition. Don’t slack, don’t let your back arch.


Have fun!


Karl Gullö

YLC Reader offer:

During the summer, Karl offers one introduction session at Crossfit Södermalm completely free for YLC readers.  If that isn’t enough to make you pack your trainers and head to town – anyone who signs up for an annual membership will train free at Crossfit Södermalm over the summer! Of course YLC readers are still able to book four PT–hours with Karl (in English) at a 50% discount.


Click here for more information on Karl or Crossfit Södermalm.


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  • Karl Gullö 4 Jul 2013

    Train for free at Crossfit Södermalm throughout the summer! Check our facebook page!

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