25 Jul 2024
Why Stockholm is an Ethical Fashion Powerhouse
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Why Stockholm is an Ethical Fashion Powerhouse

Sweden’s fashion industry is huge, representing 11% of the country’s total exports. The most prominent brands are represented at Stockholm’s fashion district, where people from around the world chase after the latest clothing trends. This is where Sweden’s famous Fashion Week takes place, but it’s more than just a place to up your style game. Stockholm Fashion Week is at the forefront of leading sustainability and ethical progress in the industry. Here are three reasons why Stockholm should be considered one of the ethical powerhouses of the fashion world.

Fossil Fuel-Free Fashion

Stockholm is leading the country when it comes to preventing climate change. The city takes a holistic approach to its citizens, combining economic growth with sustainability. This has led to Stockholm’s greenhouse gas emissions falling by 25% since 1990. Beyond this, though, the capital expects to be fossil fuel-free by 2050. This is particularly important for the fashion industry, which is responsible for 10% of humankind’s carbon emissions.

This move towards sustainable energy is driving Stockholm towards becoming an ethical powerhouse. It’s an acknowledgment of the potential harm that the clothing industry can create. Being situated in the Baltic Sea archipelago, Stockholm understands the dangers of rising sea levels better than most. It’s the fashion industry leading the change towards a greener future. Hopefully, the rest of Europe and the world will follow.

Code of Ethics

When it comes to ethical fashion, Stockholm isn’t all talk. The Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter is an ethical fashion policy proposal launched in 2017. This underpins Stockholm’s world-famous fashion week and incorporates ethical values into the industry. This goes beyond sustainability, with guidance on diversity and body image, as well. It reveals Stockholm’s serious commitment to morality.

To date, it has 50 signatories across the industry, all advocating for slow fashion. This includes major fashion brands like Swedish designers Filippa K, BACK, House of Dagmar, and Odd Molly. Companies that sign up for the charter are permitted to use the Swedish Ethical Charter logo. Look out for this logo next time you’re out shopping in Stockholm. It can make a huge difference.

A Concentration of Ethical Brands and Stores

As you walk down the shopping streets of Stockholm, you’ll quickly notice a number of fashion brands. If you look into these, you’ll soon discover their ethical credentials. The city has a high concentration of sustainable brands, proving Stockholm’s commitment to the cause. You can help them thrive by choosing to spend your money in the most ethically-aware stores. The most ethical fashion brands in Stockholm include House of Dagmar, Flippa K, Bite Studios, Wyilda, Mumbai Stockholm, Swedish Stockings, Swedish Hasbeens, Nudie Jeans, and Maska.

It’s now clear that Stockholm is one of world fashion’s ethical powerhouses. There are few other cities that offer such a strong combination of quality, style, and sustainability. If you love fashion but want it to be better for the world, then come to Stockholm. You’ll find no shortage of ethical brands. Make sure you give them your money to support their cause and encourage others to embrace slow fashion, sustainability, and ethics.

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