17 Jul 2024
‘In the Best of All Possible Worlds’: Swedish Hasbeens
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‘In the Best of All Possible Worlds’: Swedish Hasbeens

Quirky shoe line Swedish Hasbeens have created a spring collection with an air of optimism and enlightenment. Welcome to the 18th century – and the best of all possible worlds!


Swedish Hasbeen’s Autumn/Winter theme from last year, Victorian Gypsies, left sleepy Swedish minimalism snoozing and summoned forth the romantic 19th century with curves, strong dark colours and a daring mix of patterns. Catering to spring moods, the newest “Best” collection, complete with Panglossian slogan, is to be launched online at the beginning of February and promises optimism, humour and change. 

“I want to celebrate both the fashion and the optimistic ideas of the 18th century” says Swedish Hasbeens founder and designer Emy Blixt. “It had been a time of mistrust and fear but then science and humour took a leading role in society through pioneers like Voltaire, Marie Antoinette and the feminist Mary Wollstonecraft – mother of Mary Shelley.”

Inspired by these pioneers of yesteryear; by the optimistic pastel colours and the curves of the 18th century, Blixt set out to create a line that would reflect rebirth, optimism and the desire to live to the full in the best of all possible worlds – ours!

To do this, Blixt teamed up with the fabulous Swedish corset maker Viola Lagher  and created a look that emphasizes the this optimism as well as the femininity and curves that are as real today as they were in the late 18th century. The images were taken in the famous Hall of Mirrors at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm and were photographed by the Swedish photographer Carl-Johan Paulin.

The collection certainly invokes the feeling of spring in this shopper, despite the snow outside, with its colour scheme, featuring shades of “old pink”, “antique silver” and “enlightening red”.

It is hard to imagine that this fresh pastel blast from the past won’t appeal to the secret romantics hidden behind the sternest of black and denim clad Swedish fashionistas.

In other words, these are shoes perfect to eat cake in  – but also to cultivate our gardens! Drawing her inspiration from the 18th century, from a world people regarded as changing for the better and with an emergent fashion scene, Blixt has created a stunning feminine collection without losing the quirkiness that has made Swedish Hasbeens a Swedish MUST-HAVE both in Sweden and abroad.


Rebecca Martin

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PHOTO: Carl-Johan Paulin

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