15 Jul 2024
Baby friendly cafés
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Baby friendly cafés

Are you looking for cafés and restaurants in Stockholm that are family friendly? Or somewhere to meet your girlfriends for fika that is calming for both mother and baby?  Your Living City provides you with the list of the most child-friendly eating places in town.

For a tourist, Stockholm exudes a very modern, urban environment, and it’s easy to assume that there’s little or no tolerance for wild little things that cling to our legs and climb under the tables. This however, would be a mistake; even the chicest joints will have a barnstol, or high chair, for your little one although it might be trickier to get your stroller through the door.

Finding a good café that you can enjoy with your children is one of the most important first steps when you arrive in a new city with kids in tow. Sometimes it’s like looking for a needle in a hay stack but luckily, we at Your Living City are great needle finders.

And, if you frequent a popular or charming café in your neighborhood, be sure to share it with our readers below!

Rosendals Trädgård


Email: [email protected]

Rosendal’s Garden is an open garden, with the main purpose of presenting bio-dynamic (organic) garden cultivation to the general public. Our plots and greenhouses yield a wide selection of bio-dynamically grown vegetables, flowers, herbs and pot-plants, most of it sold in the Plant Shop or the Garden Shop, or used for cooking in the café. Stroll or bike to this waterhole, see their nice website for more info -don’t miss all the courses they run! In the café, you won’t be disappointed, everything from cookies to light lunched, using only organically grown ingredients. But you can also bring your own picnic and meet up with friends under the apple trees! Don’t forget to buy some plants for the balcony or garden, and that unique present you needed for your mother-in law! The kids will love the open fields and nearby playground, the place is like a maze with goodies for everyone!

Saltsjöbus Café i Orminge Hus

Edövägen 2

Tel: 08-715 02 00


Email: [email protected]

Just a 20 minute bus ride away you’ll find this play cafe, fun for both small babies and toddlers, with climbing soft play area, slide, boat, games, a room for reading and other fun stuff for kids. Mummies can relax whilst the children play. There is a small shopping area close by too. The family café has a nice atmosfhere, it feels like your sitting in your couch at home. They serve lunch, latte and yummy cakes.

Ulriksdals Slottscafé

Slottsträdgårdsvägen 8, 170 79 Solna


email: [email protected]

Bus Ulriksdals begravningsplats

Have a stroll in the big outdoor garden centre and chill with coffee in the relaxed café, seating both inside and outside. The garden café is placed in the heart of the green house. See how the growers are working, or just simply enjoy the beautiful sight of thousands of houseplants! They offer lots of homemade biscuits and cakes and are famous for the vegetarian buffét that’s served every weekday between 11:30-12:00.

Café 60

Sveavägen 60, 111 34


Ph: 08-23 55 22

Open: Mån-Tor 07.00-24.00

Fre- 07.00-02.00

Lör- 09.00-02.00

Sön- 10.00-24.00


Yummy warm buns, delicious cakes and super friendly staff! Outside seating in the summer, two floors inside. Not super trendy but relaxed and nice. It is open until very late, should you crave for a coffee around midnight…

Cafe Blå Porten

Djurgårdsvägen 64

115 21 Stockholm

Telefon 08-663 87 59


Email: [email protected]

Now this is one of the best places to go in the summer in Stockholm, but it is still open all year round! A neat oasis and one of a kind environment (history dating back to early 17th century). Meet up your best friends for fika or a glass of wine and afterwards take a stroll around Djurgården.. Food is simply fantastic but not super cheap. A must visit at some point!

Café Cloud at Kids Court

Kista Galleria

164 28 Kista

Getting there: T-bana Kista

Bus 178, 179, 514, 517, 518, 523, 537, 554, 567, 603, 627, 685, 687


Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Kista-Galleria/107981993464?ref=mf#!/pages/Kista-Galleria/107981993464?sk=info

A quiet and calm café near Kids Court, where there are plenty of children’s clothes shops, toy shops and a big play area for the children to run around in. There is also a nursing room, a microwave and a toilet with 2 changing tables. This place is made for children! On the first Monday of every month, Kids Court organise a get together for all parents/grandparents and children. There is coffee, tea, sandwiches and bakery items. Often there is a speaker that comes and talks/discuss relevant topics. It is also a great opportunity to meet other parents and children.

Café Coppola


Hamngatan 37

111 53 Stockholm

Getting there: T-bana T-centralen

Bus Sergels torg


An open area café at the top end of the Galleria, in the middle of Stockholm. Take a break while you shop ‘til you drop!

Staff are friendly and there are plenty of food/bakery items to choose from.

Café Panorama/Ekoteket/Teaterbaren/Kulturhuset Stories


Sergels torg


Email: [email protected]

Baby friendly cafes/restaurants within the kulturhuset, right in the centre of town! Panorama has fabulous views and you can sit outside, with space for prams too. Ekoteket and Teaterbaren have lots of room for prams, delicious hot and cold food and cakes. Lastly Kulturhuset Stories is on the ground floor, you can have your pram with you or park it the designated pram parking. After lunch you can go and play on the 4th floor, Rum for Barn, which has play areas for all ages.

Café V

Strindbergsgatan 35

115 31 Stockholm

Getting there: T-bana Karlaplan/Stadion

Bus 42, 44

This is a café that has existed quite for some time. But is very updated and modern. They have a very fresh menu with “husmanskost”, soup, salads etc. On weekends they have a brunch that is available for all customers, small and big! They have a small toy box for children to play with as well. In summer time I can imagine it is great to sit outside in the sun.

Espresso House

Dalagatan 9G

11361 Stockholm


This espresso house is renowned for being a mummy friendly cafe, lots of space for prams, changing area, comfy seating and friendly staff. Seating outside once the warm weather appears and Vasaparken is just around the corner!

Ett litet kök R.O.O.M

Alströmergatan 20

112 47 Stockholm


E-post: [email protected]

T-bana Fridhemsplan

Bus Fridhemsgatan/Fridhemsplan

1, 3, 4, 40, 49, 52, 62, 77

Child friendly lunch restaurant. They have a big open area. Great food and staff are friendly.

La Cucina da Noco (fd Café Noco)

Odengatan 47

103 15 Stockholm


T-bana Rådmansgatan, Odenplan, Tekniska Högskolan

Bus Stadsbiblioteket/Roslagsgatan/Jarlaplan

2, 4, 43, 59, 70, 515

Cosy café with american pancakes, italian ciabattas and salads. It has plenty of space for prams. You will definitely find yourself staying for more than one latte.

Le Café


Grev Turegatan 13A

114 46 Stockholm

T-bana Östermalmstorg

Bus Stureplan/Humlegården 1, 2, 42, 44, 55, 56

You can eat breakfast, lunch and have afternoon coffee/tea here. A dimmed relaxed area where parents can chill with their children over a healthy lunch or enjoy a coffee whilst the children are having a nap on the sofa. There is high chairs and you have shopping and “fika” under the same roof.

Ljunggren Café

Bruno Gallerian

Götagatn 36

118 26 Stockholm

T-bana Slussen/Medborgarplatsen

The Bruno Galleria has some shops and a restaurant surrounding the café. The café is placed in the middle of the galleria with comfy lounge seats. Child friendly, plenty of space for prams and great healthy salads.

Sundbyberg Caffe & Gelato

Sturegatan 6

172 31 Sundbyberg

T-bana Sundbyberg Centrum

Bus 504, 506, 515

Baby friendly Café just outside city centre. There are healthy salads and gorgeous chocolate cakes. Lots of baby chairs and space for prams. Staff are always friendly. You are close to grocery shops, pharmacist and other shops such as “Hälsa o Sånt”, “Lindex” and Solna Centrum that has even more shops and child friendly environments.

Wayne’s Coffee

2nd floor inside the Mio furniture store.

Sveavägen 20 (Mio)

111 57 Stockholm

Telefon 08 – 22 34 40


Email: [email protected]

Wayne’s inside the Mio furniture store is a meet up place for those on parental leave, sometimes a bit crowdy and messy with all the kids but a great place for kids in Central town. They have baby food jars for sale and a small play area.


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