21 Jun 2024
Exploring Holistic Wellness at Allt för Hälsan 2023
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Exploring Holistic Wellness at Allt för Hälsan 2023

This past weekend, health enthusiasts, wellness seekers, and those eager to embrace a holistic approach to well-being gathered at the Allt för Hälsan 2023 event. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as the event promised a continuation of its successful formula from the previous year, coupled with a renewed commitment to emphasize and educate on women’s health.

Photo credits: Vladimir Vallejos

A standout feature of the event was the return of Sofia Ståhl, who took on the pivotal roles of content producer and moderator for Stora Scenen, the main stage. Ståhl played a central role in conducting interviews and hosting lectures featuring health experts, researchers, and authors of the latest health books. The main stage emerged as the heart of the fair, offering attendees a wealth of knowledge and insights from esteemed health professionals.

The event’s focus extended beyond the main stage, with an expansive range of activities and areas dedicated to various aspects of health and well-being. Training, yoga, diet, relaxation, and body & soul formed the core focus areas, providing attendees with a comprehensive approach to wellness.

One noteworthy addition to the event was the enhanced beauty area, featuring a delightful bubble bar. This addition reflected the organizers’ commitment to creating a holistic experience for visitors, recognizing that beauty and relaxation are integral components of overall well-being.

The Studio, Allt för Hälsan’s open activity area, allowed visitors to actively engage in training and yoga sessions led by well-known instructors, personal trainers, and health influencers. This interactive space provided a hands-on experience, encouraging participants to explore different approaches to physical activity and mental well-being.

Under the expansive umbrella of Everything for Health, the event hosted smaller events throughout the weekend, including yoga sessions, dance events, zumba workouts, and various informative lectures and training sessions. This diversity ensured that attendees could tailor their experience to their specific health and wellness interests.

Speakers Corner provided a platform for exhibitors to share their insights and expertise, creating a dynamic exchange of knowledge between attendees and health-focused businesses. The program for Speakers Corner showcased the strength and diversity of this year’s exhibitors.

Jerker Swartz from Sweden Eco

For those keen on improving their running technique, the Running School offered workshops facilitated by professional running coaches. This specialized area aimed to instill a joy for running while focusing on the fundamentals of running technique.

Massagetorget, organized in collaboration with Stockholm Massage Academy, allowed attendees to indulge in a classic Swedish oil massage at a special fair price. This immersive experience aimed to promote relaxation and rejuvenation through expert massage therapy.

The Beauty Bar was a haven for those seeking pampering and beauty treatments. Attendees could enjoy skin care treatments, manicures, nail workshops, and makeup sessions at attractive fair prices. The option to savor a glass of bubbly while receiving treatments added a touch of luxury to the experience.

As the weekend unfolded, Allt för Hälsan 2023 proved to be more than an event; it was a holistic journey towards well-being, offering a diverse range of activities and insights that catered to the multifaceted nature of health. The event’s success was evident not just in the engagement of attendees but in the vibrant tapestry of health and wellness it wove for all who participated. Until next year, here’s to embracing a healthier and happier life!

Alex Colard, Barbara Ortner, and Andrea Hirber from Ringana

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